Older Analyses from Health Care Debate

ARCHIVES FROM BATTLE: The 2009-2010 Debate Over Health Care Restructuring 

Archived blog posts from the Powell Center


The Case Against Rationing


Rationing in Medicare


The Obama Health Care Law: When They Say, You Say [PDF]


Key Talking Points on Health Care Rationing [PDF]



C-SPAN coverage of 2010 NRLC Convention general session on the Obama Health Care Law, including Powerpoint presentation rationing under the law

Rationing in the Obama Health Care [PDF] - Powerpoint presented in the general session

LISTEN: Audio of the talk accompanying this presentation


C-SPAN coverage of 2008 NRLC Convention general session on health care


Powell Center Webinar: How America Could Assure Unrationed Health Insurance


NEWS ARTICLES (from Health Care Battle & Further)

Washington Times: EDITORIAL: The haunting of Medicare clawbacks - October 5, 2009


Columnist Nat Hentoff: Health bill's deadly fine print - September 23, 2009


Washington Times: EDITORIAL: Death panels by proxy - September 25, 2009


American Spectator: "Facts Are Not Distortion" - August 14, 2009


NRL News: Facing the Challenge of Health Care Rationing - July/August 2009


NRL News: Comparative Effectiveness and Rationing - July/August 2009


Anti-Rationing Amendment to Health Care Bill Defeated 12-10 in Senate Committee - June 22, 2009


NRL News: Rationing Dangers Raised in Health Care Reform by Obama Budget Proposal - March 2009


NRL News: The Right of Seniors to Add Their Own Money to Save their Own Lives Preserved - July 2008


U.S. Senate Rejects Rationing of Prescription Drugs in Medicare - April 18, 2007 [BROKEN LINK]


NRL News: How Medicare Was Saved from Rationing - And Why It's Now in Danger - March 2007



The Senate Bill that became law - March 2010

The House Bill - January 2010