Tobias written responses regarding S. 1696

Following the July 15, 2014 hearing before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on S. 1696, the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” NRLC President Carol Tobias was asked to respond in writing to seven questions submitted by two members of the committee. The questions and the responses from Ms. Tobias, which were made part of the official […]

Opening Statement – and Challenge – by NRLC President Carol Tobias to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, July 15, 2014, at a public hearing on the “Women’s Health Protection Act” (S. 1696)

Mr. Chairman [Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Ct.], Senator Grassley, and members of the Committee, thank you for giving me the opportunity to testify. I am Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee. NRLC is a nationwide federation of 50 affiliated state right-to-life organizations. We are the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization. We […]

Pro-Abortion Senators Propose Bill To Invalidate All Limits on Abortion

WASHINGTON (February 4, 2004) – Leading pro-abortion members of Congress have introduced a new bill that would invalidate all federal, state, and local limitations on access to abortion. At a press conference in the U.S. Capitol, hosted by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca.), the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA) was endorsed by leaders of NARAL, […]