Killing Human Embryos (Human Cloning and Related Issues)

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Illustrations from a National Academy of Sciences report shows how sexual fertilization and somatic cell nuclear transfer each create a human embryo


NRLC: Don't create human embryos to harvest their cells - May 15, 2013



Human Embryo Patent Ban Culminates 8-Year NRLC Effort - September 16, 2011


NRLC responds to new NIH guidelines on human embyronic research - April 17, 2009


Obama opens door to human embryo farms - March 9, 2009


NRLC Statement on President Bush's veto and executive order on step cell research - June 20, 2007


NRLC applauds rejection of stealth "clone and kill" bill by House of Representatives - June 6, 2007


NRLC letter to House of Representatives opposing H.R. 2560, DeGette clone-and-kill bill - June 6, 2007


Official White House statement opposing H.R. 2560 (DeGette clone-and-kill bill) [PDF]- June 6, 2007


NRLC letter to U.S. House, opposing anticipated DeGette clone-and-kill bill - June 5, 2007


Official text of DeGette clone-and-kill bill, H.R. 2560 [PDF] - June 5, 2007


Resources: Download a zip file containing documentation from numerous scientists that successful use of the standard cloning method (somatic cell nuclear transfer, or SCNT), with human genetic material, will produce a human embryo.


Scientists Say 'Therapeutic Cloning' Creates a Human Embryo [PDF]


NRLC criticizes Senate passage of bill to mandate funding of embryo-killing research - April 11, 2007


White House: Statement of Administration Policy in opposition to S. 5 [PDF]- April 10, 2007


National Review Online: "Nascent Falsehood: If embryonic research is so promising, why do its backers need to lie?" by David Freddoso - April 2, 2007 [BROKEN LINK]


NRLC letter to U.S. Senate against S. 5 (to mandate federal funding of research that requires killing human embryos) - April 2, 2007


Responses regarding human cloning from James F. Battey, M.D., Ph.D, chair of NIH Stem Cell Task Force, to Congressman Mark Souder [PDF] - March, 2006


Final version ("star print" version) of S. 5, a bill to mandate federal funding of research that requires the killing of human embryos [PDF] - March 29, 2007


"Cloning Doubletalk" -- Wesley J. Smith on the Hatch-Feinstein phony cloning ban [PDF] - March, 2007

Human Cloning Legislation in Congress: Misconceptions and Realities.

This 2005 factsheet refutes misconceptions about human cloning, and cloning-related legislation in Congress, that are being disseminated by some advocates of human cloning for research and by some journalists.

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Patenting Humans?

Click here to learn about the plans of some biotech firms to patent human embryos, and legislation that deals with this issue.

Democratic Leaders Push Bill to Fund Embryo-Killing Research; President Vows Another Veto - January 31, 2007


NRLC statement on U.S. House votes on human embryo research - January 11, 2007


Statement of Bush Administration policy on H.R. 3 [PDF] - January 11, 2007


Report of White House Domestic Policy Council: "Advancing Stem Cell Science Without Destroying Human Life" [PDF] - January 10, 2007


Release: NRLC applauds the work of scientists toward ethical stem cell research - January 8, 2007


NRLC letter to House of Representatives in opposition to legislation to fund research that requires killing human embryos (H.R. 3) - January 5, 2007


NRL News: Funding of embryo-killing research blocked by Bush veto and House vote; NRLC-backed fetus farming ban enacted into law - August 11, 2006


NRLC Commends Veto, Rebukes Lawmakers Who Rejected Alternatives - July 19, 2006


President Bush's veto message to the House of Representatives - July 19, 2006


NRLC rebuttal to Congressman Mike Castle's attack on the ethical-alternatives stem cell bill (S. 2754) - July 18, 2006


Letter from NRLC to U.S. House on H.R. 810, S. 3504, and S. 2754 - July 14, 2006


NRLC letter to U.S. Senate on H.R. 810, S. 3504, S. 2754 - July 13, 2006


State of the Union Address: President Bush urges protection of human embryos and a ban on all human cloning - January 31, 2006


NRLC update on human cloning and fetus farms - September 21, 2005


Factsheet: "Artificial Wombs: From Embryo Farms to Fetus Farms" [PDF] - September 14, 2005


U.S. House committee rejects amendment to erect barrier to human cloning in U.S. -- June 29, 2005


NRLC statement on Senator Bill Frist's July 29, 2005 speech on embryonic stem cell research - July 29, 2005


NRLC letter to U.S. Senate in opposition to H.R. 810 / S. 471 [PDF] - June 13, 2005


NRL News: U.S. House Votes to Fund Embryo-Killing Research, 238-194; President Bush Vows Veto if Senate Also Approves - June 2, 2005


NRLC comments on U.S. House passage of H.R. 810 (funding embryo-killing research) and President Bush's statements - May 24, 2005


White House Statement of Administration Policy on H.R. 810 [PDF] - May 24, 2005


White House Statement of Administration Policy on H.R. 2520, Rep. Chris Smith's cord blood bill [PDF]- May 24, 2005


President Bush's May 24, 2005 remarks to families who adopted embryos.


NRLC letter to U.S. House members against H.R. 810 and in favor of Chris Smith cord blood bill - May 23, 2005


Text of H.R. 810, a bill to order federal funding of stem cell research that requires killing human embryos [PDF]


Polls shows majority opposes funding of embryo-killing research - May 16, 2005


NRLC letter to members of the U.S. House of Representatives in opposition to H.R. 810, the Castle-DeGette bill - May 11, 2005


Questions and Answers on Human Cloning, by Congressman Dave Weldon, M.D. [PDF] - April, 2005


Text of the Brownback-Landrieu Human Cloning Prohibition Act (S. 658) [PDF] - reintroduced on March 17, 2005


Text of the Weldon-Stupak Human Cloning Prohibition Act (H.R. 1357) [PDF] - reintroduced on March 17, 2005


Text of the Hatch-Feinstein "clone and kill" bill (S. 876) [PDF] - reintroduced on April 21, 2005 (opposed by NRLC)


Release: U.N. General Assembly Adopts Declaration Urging Ban on All Forms of Human Cloning - March 8, 2005


Washington Post: Dr. Charles Krauthammer slams Kerry-Edwards on stem cell "demagoguery" - October 15, 2004


Newspaper Ad: John Kerry on stem cell research: fiction vs. fact  - October 7, 2004



John Kerry's Doubletalk on Cloning Human Embryos - August 24, 2004


Senator Bryon Dorgan (D-ND) and Human Cloning [PDF] - September 6, 2004


Cell biologist Stuart A. Newman tells judge: A cloned human embryo is a human embryo [PDF] - September 2, 2004 


Majority Opposes Tax Funding of Stem Cell Research that Kills Human Embryos - August 23, 2004 "The Religion of Stem Cell Research." Slate chief political correspondent Will Saletan writes on John Kerry's distortions regarding embryonic stem cell research. - August 10, 2004


NRLC Responds to Ron Reagan's Pro-Cloning Speech at Democratic National Convention - July 28, 2004


"I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America... do hereby proclaim and declare the unalienable personhood of every American, from the moment of conception until natural death . . ."
Read President Reagan's entire official Personhood Proclamation - January 14, 1988


"The Stem Cell Cover-Up," by Michael Fumento. A science writer discusses why the news media are giving so little attention to the rapid advances in adult stem cell research. - May 24, 2004


National Review Online: "Inflated Promise, Distorted Facts." Eric Cohen examines criticisms of President Bush's policy against funding embryo-destructive stem cell research. - May 25, 2004


NRL News: "Farming Humans for Fun and Profit," by Richard M. Doerflinger - February, 2004


North Dakota Governor John Hoeven signs ban on all human cloning after near-unanimous support in state legislature - April 7, 2003


Arkansas legislature passes Brownback-style ban on all human cloning, 88-5 and 34-0; votes put spotlight on Senators Lincoln and Pryor - March 24, 2003


NRL News: House Passes NRLC-Backed Bill to Ban the Cloning of Human Embryos, But Many Senators Still Back Human Cloning for Biomedical Research - March 7, 2003


Statement by President Bush commending U.S. House passage of the Weldon-Stupak Human Cloning Prohibition Act - February 27, 2003


Read the entire debate in the House of Representatives on the Weldon-Stupak Human Cloning Prohibition Act (H.R. 534) and the Greenwood "clone and kill" substitute amendment [PDF] - February 27, 2003


House of Representatives Rejects Bill to Allow "Human Embryo Farms," and Approves Weldon-Stupak Bill to Ban the Cloning of Human Embryos, 241-155 - February 27, 2003


Roll call vote by which the U.S. House of Representatives passed, 241-155, the NRLC-backed Weldon-Stupak bill (H.R. 534) to ban the creation of human embryos by cloning - February 27, 2003 [BROKEN LINK]


Roll call vote by which the U.S. House of Representatives rejected, 174-231, the NRLC-opposed Greenwood Substitute, a bill to allow the cloning of human embryos and human embryo farms - February 27, 2003 [BROKEN LINK]


How Dick Gephardt, on NBC Meet the Press, endorsed the complete ban on human cloning that had been passed by the House of Representatives -- but did he mean it? [PDF] - posted February 24, 2003


Official Bush Administration statement in support of the Weldon-Stupak bill to ban all human cloning, and in opposition to substitute bill that would permit "human embryo farms" [PDF] - Feb 26, 2003


Dr. John Gearhart of Johns Hopkins University tells reporters that "therapeutic cloning" creates an "embryo," which is no longer an "egg" - February 26, 2003


Illustrations from a National Academy of Sciences report shows how sexual fertilization and somatic cell nuclear transfer each create a human embryo - September, 2001


NRLC urges U.S. House of Representatives to ban cloned "human embryo farms" in February 27 votes - February 21, 2003


"A Nightmare of a Bill." Columnist Charles Krauthammer, M.D., explains the implications of the Greenwood bill to allow mass creation of human embryos by cloning. [PDF] - July 27, 2001


U.S. House to Vote the Week of February 24 on Weldon-Stupak Bill to Ban the Cloning of Human Embryos and "Human Embryo Farms" - February 12, 2003


NRLC Response to Phony Ban on Human Cloning Introduced in Congress - February 5, 2003


Legal analysis of the New Jersey "fetus farming" bill (S. 1909) by Prof. Gerard V. Bradley [PDF] - February 5, 2003


National Right to Life Applauds Bush Statements on Partial-Birth Abortion, Human Cloning, and Health Care Rationing - January 28, 2003


NRLC Statement on Clonaid Claim Birth of Human Clone - December 27, 2002


Memo: Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Human Cloning - October 16, 2002


Senate Democratic Leader Blocks Cloning Ban, Pushes for Approval of Clone-and-Kill Bill - July 11, 2002


NRLC response to report of the President's Commission on Bioethics on human cloning - July 11, 2002


NRLC memo: 1993 act of Congress, not President Bush, responsible for fetal tissue project - July 10, 2002


NRLC letter in support of amendment to ban patenting of humans - June 17, 2002


Are Human Clones Really "Human"? - June 17, 2002


NRLC Criticizes Sen. Daschle for Obstructing Ban on Human Cloning - June 12, 2002


NRLC letter to U.S. Senators in opposition to Specter and Dorgan clone-and-kill bills - June 6, 2002


Letter in which Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson says he will recommend veto of any bill to authorize human cloning for research [PDF] - May 15, 2002


Justice Department testimony on how human cloning legislation would be enforced [PDF] - May 15, 2002


Charles Krauthammer, M.D., on drawing line against human cloning for research - May 10, 2002


New Right to Life Radio Ads Says Senators Johnson and Daschle Are Blocking Bill, Backed by President Bush, to Ban Human Cloning - May 9, 2002 [BROKEN LINK]


"Lincoln Sees Pluses of Cloning Embryos" - Arkansas and National Right to Life Sponsor New Radio Ad Criticizing Lincoln and Praising Hutchinson for Statements on Cloning -- May 9, 2002


National Right to Life Sponsors New Radio Ad Countering Senator Hatch on the Cloning of Human Embryos - May 9, 2002


Biotech Lobby and Patient Groups Urge Senate to Say Yes to Human Cloning - May 7, 2002


Does "research cloning" create a human embryo? - May 7, 2002


Specter-Hatch cloning bill would protect "human embryo farms," says NRLC - April 30, 2002


All cloning creates human embryo, acknowledges leading researcher - April 25, 2002


Release: "Alice in Cloneland: Hollywood-backed TV ad denies that cloning is cloning" - April 24, 2002


Washington Times story on NRLC radio ad campaign - April 24, 2002



National Right to Life Launches New Radio Ads in Eight States, Urging Calls to Senators in Support of Brownback-Landrieu Bill To Ban All Human Cloning and Human Embryo Farms - April 19, 2002


In Historic Speech, President Bush Urges U.S. Senate to Ban Human Embryo Cloning, But Democratic Leader Says No - April 14, 2002



Text of President Bush's April 10th Speech Urging a Ban on all Forms of Human Cloning - April 10, 2002 [BROKEN LINK]


NRLC radio ad urges Senators Johnson and Daschle to Support Ban on Human Embryo Farms - April 3, 2002


NRLC radio ads urge Senators Dorgan and Conrad to Support Ban on Human Embryo Farms - April 3, 2002


The New Republic: Charles Krauthammer: The Secular Argument Against Research Cloning - March 22, 2002 [BROKEN LINK]


Historic Senate Debate on Cloned Human Embryos Delayed Until April, As Lobbying Battle Heats Up - March 7, 2002


National Journal: Why biotechnology firms want to clone human embryos -- and it's not only to harvest their stem cells - March 2, 2002


National Right to Life Runs Radio Ad in Seven Utah Cities, Urging Senator Hatch to Vote No on Human Embryo Farms - February 24, 2002


"What is cloning?" - February 6, 2002


Senate Girds for Historic Debate on Human Embryo Farms - February 6, 2002


"Will the U.S. Senate Permit the Opening of Human Embryo Farms?" by Douglas Johnson - February 6, 2002


NRLC Letter to U.S. Senate in Support of Brownback Amendment to Ban Human Cloning - October 31, 2001


National Review: "The Most Effective Lobbyist in Washington." - September 3, 2001
Profile of NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson in National Review magazine.


Release: President Bush's Statement - Stem Cell - August 10, 2001


Text of President Bush's Statement on Stem Cell Research - August 9, 2001


Release: U.S. House of Representatives approves, 265-162, Weldon-Stupak Human Cloning Prohibition Act - July 31, 2001


NRLC Letter to U.S. House of Representatives responding to disinformation by opponents of the Human Cloning Prohibition Act - July 30, 2001


Factsheet: Scientists Say "Therapeutic Cloning" Creates a Human Embryo [PDF]- July 26, 2001


Factsheet: Americans Oppose Cloning Human Embryos for Research - July 26, 2001


Letter from NRLC to U.S. House of Representatives Against Greenwood Clone-and-Kill Bill - July 25, 2001


Read a revealing article about the financial interests some often-quoted scientists have in stem cell research [PDF] - July 21, 2001


National Review: The Amazing Vanishing Embryo Trick by Douglas Johnson, NRLC Federal Legislative Director - July 17, 2001


Stem Cell Researchers Created Human Embryos to Kill Them; Other Advocates for Embryo-Killing Research Lament the "Bad Timing" - July 11, 2001


How Gail Collins of The New York Times altered a statement by an NRLC offical - June 18, 2001


NRLC Letter to U.S. Senators Opposing Specter-Harkin Bill (S. 723) to Kill Human Embryos for Stem Cell Research - June 6, 2001


NRLC Letter to U.S. House of Representatives, Opposing McDermott Bill (H.R. 2059) to Kill Human Embryos, and Supporting the Responsible Stem Cell Research Act - June 6, 2001


As President Bush considers embryonic and fetal research, new findings support his pro-life stance - February, 2001


"National Conference of Catholic Bishops Critique of Administration Proposal to Fund Experiments that Kill Human Embryos" - January 31, 2000 [BROKEN LINK]


NRL News: National Bioethic[ally Challenged] Advisory Commission Approves Fetal Death by Vivisection - October, 1999


NRL News: The Threat of Science without Humanity by Richard Doerflinger - August, 1999