Judicial Nominations

The following are NRLC documents related to the Judiciary issued prior to 2009.


The Durbin Abortion Papers


NRL News: Heightened Interest in Alito’s Views on Abortion as Hearings Approach - December 6, 2005


Harriet Miers Withdraws; President Bush Nominates Samuel Alito to Serve on Supreme Court - November 7, 2005


Roe v. Wade and the current Supreme Court - October 4, 2005


NRLC releases radio ad highlighting Durbin's unfairness regarding John Roberts - September 12, 2005


National Right to Life Statement on the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist - September 3, 2005


NRLC comment on new NARAL TV ad - August 26, 2005


FactCheck.org updates critique of NARAL ad and NARAL's defense of its ad - August 12, 2005 [BROKEN LINK]


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) urges NARAL to cancel anti-Roberts TV ad [PDF] - August 11, 2005


Walter Dellinger, pro-abortion activist law professor and former high official in President Clinton's Justice Department, condemns NARAL ad attacking John Roberts [PDF] - August 10, 2004


FactCheck.org slams NARAL for "false" ad on Roberts - August 9, 2005 [BROKEN LINK]


Robert's Nomination Highlights Upcoming Cases on Partial-Birth Abortion, Parental Notification - July 19, 2005


Eighth Circuit ruling underscores that Supreme Court will decide if partial-birth abortion remains legal - July 8, 2005


NRLC Responds to Retirement of Justice O'Connor - July 1, 2005


Deal by 14 Senators Retains Right to Filibuster Some Judicial Nominees - June 2, 2005


Senate “Too Close to Call” On Abolishing Filibusters of Judges - May 4, 2005


Who Opposes Filibuster Reform? - May 4, 2005


"Filibusters of Judicial Nominees: Majority Vote Should Trump Minority Rule," by Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) - April 17, 2005


The Majority-Approval Reform: Restoring Fairness on Judicial Nominations in the Senate [PDF]- April 12, 2005


Filibusters on Judicial Nominations: Myth and Fact. [PDF]- April 15, 2005


Senate Showdown Near on Filibusters of Bush Judges - April 5, 2005


Promises by Senator Arlen Specter win him the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee - November 20, 2004


Help Prevent Arlen Specter From Becoming Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee! - November 5, 2004 [BROKEN LINK]


The Assault on President Bush's Judicial Nominations: A Status Report [PDF] - September 28, 2004