National Right to Life Endorses Ed Gillespie in Virginia Senate Race

Gillespie will bring “strong pro-life leadership to the U.S. Senate”

WASHINGTON – Today, the National Right to Life Committee, the oldest and largest pro-life group in the nation, endorsed former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie in his campaign for U.S. Senate.

“Ed Gillespie is a close ally and friend to the right-to-life movement,” said Carol Tobias, National Right to Life president. “Ed Gillespie will bring his record of strong pro-life leadership to the U.S. Senate.”

As chairman of the Republican National Committee, Gillespie was deeply committed to keeping the GOP’s pro-life platform. He worked closely with pro-life leaders to ensure the platform remained resolute in seeking to restore legal protection to unborn children threatened by abortion and extending protections to the medically dependent and disabled whose lives are threatened by assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Gillespie’s strong pro-life position stands in sharp contrast with current pro-abortion Sen. Mark Warner. Warner has a 100% anti-life voting record and he voted to enact Obamacare, which provides government funding for health plans that pay for abortion on demand, and will result in rationing of lifesaving medical treatments.

“Ed Gillespie is the strongest candidate to defeat pro-abortion Mark Warner and the most vulnerable members of our human family will be well served by Ed Gillespie’s election to the U.S. Senate,” said National Right to Life Co-Executive Director Darla St. Martin.

Involved in every election since Ronald Reagan’s election to the presidency, National Right to Life Political Action Committee (NRL PAC) was formed in 1979 as the political arm of National Right to Life. Founded in 1968, National Right to Life, the federation of 50 state right-to-life affiliates and more than 3,000 local chapters, is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots pro-life organization. Recognized as the flagship of the pro-life movement, NRLC works through legislation and education to protect innocent human life from abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.

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