What to do with your Will to Live once you have completed it

1) Make sure that your agent and back-up agents receive copies. 2) Put it somewhere easy to find. 3) Let family members know that you have a completed will to live and where you keep copies. 4) If at all possible, keep a copy on yourself. 5) See if your state has a registry and register […]

Living in the Bullseye of Euthanasia

I live every day in the bulls-eye of euthanasia, always aware that I am a target for “mercy killing.” Just one sickness, medical emergency, or accident separates me from those who would kill me and call it “death with dignity.” While a hospital is a place of healing and care, it is also a potential […]

Why the need for a “Will to Live”?

I’ve heard about a number of other documents you can sign to say you want life-saving medical treatment. Is there any particular reason I should sign the Will to Live developed by NRLC? While written with the best of intentions, some of the other documents are unfortunately insufficiently protective. Often, that is because they are […]

Why Not Sign a Living Will Instead of the Will to Live?

Many people who simply do not want what they see as a lot of medical technology prolonging the last few hours or days of their lives when they are terminally ill sign living wills. If you do, in many states you may not know what you’re really signing. Webster’s Dictionary defines “terminal” as “of or in […]

Questions and Answers on the Will to Live

What is the Will to Live? The Will to Live is a legal document that you can sign which: 1) names someone to make health care decisions for you (your “health care agent”) if you develop a condition that makes it impossible for you to speak for yourself (become “incompetent”), and 2) makes clear (in […]