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Thirty-nine years and over 50 million deaths ago the Supreme Court declared war on unborn babies. And ever since January 22, 1973, National Right to Life News has been the authoritative source of information for the pro-life community.


National Right to Life News is for those who are tired of a superficial examination of the hottest public policy issue of the past 39 years. In NRL News you'll find the latest news on pressing issues--everything from Supreme Court nominations to fetal pain legislation to state and federal legislation to reviews of books and movies. In between editions, read “Today’s News & Views.

NRL News is considered must reading by the more than 368,000 families that receive the “pro-life newspaper of record.” NRL News is read by individuals and distributed at chapter meetings, in churches, and to fraternal groups. This invaluable educational tool is essential for anyone and everyone who by keeping up to speed on the latest news is able to make a difference!

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