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Volume 38, Number 8                                                                                                                                                                            Fall  2011


2011 Saw a Huge Advance for the Protection of the Unborn:
Your donation now can help us save even more lives in 2012!

By Carol Tobias

As the end of the year approaches and you consider where your charitable donation may make the most difference, I hope that you will seriously consider National Right to Life.

When the history of the pro-life movement is written, 2011 will prove to have been a very, very important year. In no small measure that will be because of the work of your National Right to Life which your generosity underwrites and makes possible. Please go to page five where you will see all the many ways you can help NRLC fight the fight on behalf of unborn babies.

2011 might well be remembered as the year National Right to Life paved the way for a major change in the way that the U.S. Supreme Court applies to so-called “right to abortion.” Many, many lives may be saved by such a development, as I will describe in a moment.

Where 2012 will fit in a history of our movement will depend on you.

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down one of the most infamous decisions in its history. It was also one of the most one-sided.


Pro-Life House and Pro-Abortion Senate Divided on
Pro-Life Issues, As Obama Pushes Pro-abortion Agenda

WASHINGTON (November 23, 2011)—With less than one year to go before the national election, the Obama Administration continues to advance its pro-abortion agenda on multiple fronts—even as most new abortion-related proposals, from either side, are blocked in a divided Congress.

In the current 112th Congress, which convened in January 2011, the House of Representatives is under Republican control. The top Republican leaders, including Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.), are strongly pro-life. They have pushed major pro-life bills through the House—most recently, in October, the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358), a bill that would nullify the abortion-expanding components of the “ObamaCare” health care law enacted in 2010, and enhance anti-discrimination protections for pro-life health care providers.

The Obama Administration has strenuously resisted pro-life efforts to amend ObamaCare. On October 5, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius vehemently defended the health care law in a speech to a NARAL Pro-Choice America fundraiser, saying “we are in a war” with critics of the law. On October 12, the White House issued a formal veto threat against the Protect Life Act.

“President Obama won enactment of ObamaCare in 2010 partly by pretending that the bill did not expand abortion—but now that mask is coming off,” commented NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson.



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From the President

Carol Tobias


By Carol Tobias

I wonder if God knew that Americans would use the birth of His son as the centerpiece of a long holiday season, celebrating three of the country’s biggest days-- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s-- as one big holiday. I wonder if He knew how much we would look forward to the end of a year, putting the past aside and looking forward to a new year. Yeah. I think He knew.

Our holiday season began with Thanksgiving, recognized as a national holiday almost 150 years ago. Unfortunately, some view the day only as an opportunity to eat a lot of food and watch a lot of football. For many, though, it is a day to pause and give thanks to God for the many blessings He has given us. What am I thankful for? My faith, my husband, my family, my friends, and YOU.

I am thankful for the thousands of selfless volunteers in the pro-life movement who give of their time, their talents, and their money to help others they will never meet.

The late Bob Casey, former governor of Pennsylvania, once stated, “In the long term, our cultural unease with abortion, this refusal to drop the subject, is our most hopeful sign of health. Other countries, sadly, have more or less learned to live with it; they don‘t see it as anything to get worked up about. But not here. This thing-- this horrible thing, so contrary to our ideals, our inclusiveness, our kindness, our love for one another-- has been grafted onto American society. But it is not a functioning organ,… it won’t take, it won’t heal. The body rejects it.”

YOU are the reason this country refuses to “drop the subject.” And I am thankful for everything you do.

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