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NRL News
Page 3
June 2010
Volume 37
Issue 8-9

The Wind at Our Back as Voters Experience Buyer’s Remorse

By Dave Andrusko

This edition of the “pro-life newspaper of record” is a real keeper and illustrates beautifully why NRL News is must-reading. You’ll be educated, entertained, and energized by stories that cover the pro-life waterfront.

Be sure to read the issue thoroughly and pass it along to friends and family. Most of all please read page one and page five and respond to the Action Alert on page 10.

If you’ve taken time to sign up for two important online resources–Today’s News & Views and National Right to Life News Today–you already know that voters are in the throes of a massive case of buyer’s remorse. The clearest evidence is that pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s popularity is careening downhill.

His skid is propelled by the electorate’s rejection of Obama’s far out-of-the-mainstream agenda. It is telling that only 20 months into his administration, 48% of likely voters told Rasmussen Reports recently that they “now regard President Obama’s political views as extreme,” versus 42% who place his views in the mainstream.

While Obama is not on the November ballot, his policies and legislative proclivities are. As voters say “No” in thunder, it is utterly understandable why so many pro-abortion Democratic candidates are pretending they never heard of him.

Recall what I wrote after the 2008 election, when it would have been understandable if spirits were flagging. It not only rings true today but also bodes well for the future. “From morning to night, the public will be told that our Movement is dead, and good riddance. Why? Well, because defending those least able to protect themselves has always been a ‘distraction’ from the ‘real’ issues, and (more to the point) now that the man who can heal all divisions is President, we actually are, at best, irrelevant, at worst, unneeded. The truth is, of course, that Obama has no more interest in downshifting his drive to increase the number of abortions than we are of standing idly by in neutral. You will not only be more essential than ever, but because of your steely determination, we will grow stronger than ever.”

While I write from the perspective of a single-issue Movement, I don’t believe that changes a central truth: Obama’s unrelenting pro-abortion agenda, packaged either as the epitome of “compromise,” or (as was the case with ObamaCare) brazenly denied, is indicative of where his true political instincts lie. And they do not reside where a majority of the American people call home.

Obama glided through the election process unscathed principally because the media never laid a glove on him. By contrast a bruised and battered ObamaCare survived the 15th round only because Obama/Pelosi/Reid played the hardest of hardball. (And we remember the crucially important 11th hour defections of some Democrats who had once voted pro-life.)

In confronting Obama and the pro-abortion congressional leadership, telling the truth and debunking anti-life claims are two sides of the same coin. This edition is replete with indispensable resources which pour sand in the gears of the pro-abortion/pro-rationing machine.

To take just a few examples:

Pro-lifers have had considerable success in exposing the under-the-counter abortion components of ObamaCare, less so with its pervasive pro-rationing elements. Read the brilliantly comprehensive “When They Say, You Say” on pages 8-9 that explains how rationing is built in to this health care “reform” and you will be fortified with all the information you need.

Speaking of abortion, the story that begins on page 3 is an exquisite overview of the tangled web pro-abortion leaders in Congress are spinning. On page 3, you’ll be also updated on the free-speech suppressing measure maliciously mislabeled the “DISCLOSE Act.” (See Action Alert on page 10.)

A bogus study, purporting to show that the unborn cannot experience pain until at least the 24th week, had its 15 minutes of fame. But when it flares up yet again, you will need ammunition to rebut this nonsense, such as the point-by-point critique produced by Dr. Paul Ranalli on pages 12-13.

Most Americans know next to nothing about the new constitution adopted by Kenyans. When you peruse the story on page 30 you’ll understand that the Obama Administration’s fingerprints are all over the process which resulted in the inclusion of terrible abortion language.

The list of resources in this issue of NRL News goes on and on, including a petition to repeal ObamaCare (on pages 16-17), CDs from workshops and general sessions from National Right to Life’s annual convention (on pages 20-21), and a thorough investigation of an injunction placed on President Obama’s stem cell policy (on page 27). The common denominator? A passion to inform and persuade.

As he feels his support slipping away, no doubt Obama is sensing the ground give way beneath his feet. He obviously hopes that traditional Democratic voters will, out of habit, pull the lever for his anti-life compatriots, but even Obama has to know that many Democrats will join Independents and Republicans in rejecting his extremist policies.

And because we have been faithful to the truth and helped the public to see the true face of Barack Obama, we have the wind at our backs.