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NRL News
Page 24
June 2010
Volume 37
Issue 6

A Do-Over that Can’t be Done Over

By Dave Andrusko

Amazing how almost anything can get you thinking about what we pro-lifers are so concerned about. Walking out of the elevator recently from the garage where I park my car, I glanced up at the television set on the first floor. The headline on the screen read, “Falcon Launch Aborted.”

This was a reference to a glitch that stalled the maiden launch of a new commercial Falcon 9 rocket. A few hours later the rocket was successfully launched. What, if anything, might this say to us?

As we learn more and more about the amazing complexity of the unborn human passenger, it is more and more difficult to pretend that what happens in an abortion lacks moral significance. We are made aware in countless ways.

For example, if you’ve thrown your lot in with the anti-life forces, it must be deeply unnerving to see the app put together by Apple iPad and Pampers which powerfully make the case for the humanity of the unborn child in a casual, indirect manner (see

With all this awareness, what can the more canny—read especially unscrupulous—abortion clinic personnel say to mitigate the deep apprehension that women have coming into or sorrowful regret going out of an abortion? They counsel a do-over.

I’ve read stories from pro-abortion sources so I am not just guessing when I say this. Women ARE told that they can just have another baby.

You aborted the first launch, so to speak, wait a little bit and try over. Nothing has really been lost, except a little time.

Just to cover all the bases, these “counselors” also try to persuade the woman that it’s okay to abort because they have not made the decision “lightly” and/or offer a series of gimmicks to convince women they have properly “commemorated” the lost child.

But, of course, a ghastly decision, whether made in a flash or after reflection, does not change the gravity of the injustice.

All this pro-abortion sleight of hand has only one purpose: to remove all speed bumps on the path to a quick death. And the largest of all is all is the woman’s gut-level knowledge that she is severing the deepest bond in human culture.

This is not to say—NOT to say—that women cannot find forgiveness. Or the fathers of these babies, either. Our Movement is filled with women and men who too late came to understand what they had done was wrong but not too late to try to make amends.

It is to say that our Movement is built on the foundation that every life, every single life, is of infinite importance. And in many ways, that may be as clear a dividing line as anything to separates pro-lifers from pro-abortionists.