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NRL News
Page 15
June 2010
Volume 37
Issue 6

As Anticipated, Crist Vetoes Florida Ultrasound Bill

By Dave Andrusko

On June 11, Florida Governor Charlie Crist delivered on what he had virtually promised for weeks—to veto a bill that would give women the option of viewing an ultrasound before she makes a life-and-death decision. If there were any lingering doubts where the Republican-turned-Independent was headed, they were removed earlier that week when Crist removed the “Charlie Crist on Pro-Life/Family” page from his campaign web site. Crist is running for Senate against pro-life former House Speaker Republican Marco Rubio and pro-abortion Democrat Congressman Kendrick Meek.

Crist, who likes to call himself “pro-life,” returned to his customary mantra in his veto message. “Such measures,” he wrote, “do not change hearts, which is the only true and effective way to ensure that a new life coming into the world is loved, cherished and receives the care that is deserved.”

NRLC State Legislative Director Mary Spaulding Balch said the decision “shows how extremist he has become that he would veto a bill that would simply allow a mother to have information so that she can make a truly informed decision.” Ultrasounds are “pro-mother and pro-unborn child,” she said.

Myths galore floated around HB 1143 which passed the House 76–44 and the Senate 23–16. For example, overwhelmingly abortionists already use ultrasounds; it would not be a new service but something already covered in the abortion fee.

Likewise, if a woman does not wish to see the ultrasound, she can decline to by signing a form. In addition, the only ultrasound information a woman is required to hear is the gestational age of the baby, which is already required under Florida law.