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NRL News
Page 30
June 2010
Volume 37
Issue 6

Autos for Life Still Needs Your Help This Summer!

By David N. O'Steen, Jr.

June is here already, and all of us at National Right to Life are looking forward to our annual National Right to Life Convention! The Convention always proves to be an ideal format for connecting with and re-energizing pro-life folks from across the country.

It’s inspiring to meet so many dedicated pro-life people and witness what a diverse and motivated “grassroots” movement we have. And be assured that—regardless of what you may hear from the liberal media—the grassroots pro-life movement is stronger and more determined than ever to protect innocent lives.

Despite a dismal economy, the generosity of pro-lifers all across America is steadfast! We are so thankful for your ongoing partnership and support. Thanks to you, Autos for Life (a program run by the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund) continues to receive a wide variety of donated vehicles from across the country.

Each of these special gifts is vital to our ongoing lifesaving work in these challenging times. Please, keep them coming!

Recent donations include a 1997 Mazda B2300 pickup from a pro-life gentleman in Virginia; a low mileage 1987 Ford Tempo from a longtime supporter in Indiana; and a 1993 Toyota Previa minivan from a pro-life family in Nevada.

As always, 100% of the proceeds from these vehicles went to further the lifesaving work of the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund.

By donating your vehicle to Autos for Life, you can help save the lives of unborn babies and receive a tax deduction for the full sale amount. Your donated vehicle can be of any age, and can be located anywhere in the country! All that we need from you is a description of the vehicle (miles, vehicle identification number (VIN#), condition, features, the good, the bad, etc.) along with several pictures (the more the better), and we’ll take care of the rest. Digital photos are preferred, but other formats work as well.

To donate a vehicle, or for more information, call David at (202) 626-8823 or e-mail You don’t have to bring the vehicle anywhere, or do anything with it, and there is no additional paperwork to complete. The buyer picks the vehicle up directly from you at your convenience! All vehicle information can be e-mailed to us directly at, or sent by regular mail to:

Autos for Life
c/o National Right to Life
512 10th St., NW
Washington, DC 20004

If you have a vehicle to donate that needs to be picked up immediately, we can accommodate that as well.

The National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund thanks all the dedicated pro-lifers that have donated their vehicles to Autos for Life! With your help, the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund will continue to teach the truth about abortion and save countless lives.