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NRL News
Page 6
April/May 2010
Volume 37
Issue 4-5

A Victory for Unborn Babies, A Victory for You

Every once in a while in this great movement of ours, there occurs a game-changer, some event of such consequence that it changes the tone of the debate.

The passage of Nebraska’s law to ban abortions after a child can feel pain might be one such event.

National Right to Life not only helped Nebraska Right to Life with critical information and support to pass the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Prevention Act,” NRLC has also helped state Right to Life groups pass countless lifesaving bills over the past three decades.

How does NRLC assist states to defeat pro-abortionists who possess almost limitless resources? We combine our expertise in matters of constitutional law and legislative strategy with the passionate work of local pro-lifers to bring about an outcome that wouldn’t happen otherwise: passage of pro-life laws designed to save lives and to move the Supreme Court toward a reassessment of Roe v. Wade.

Such cutting-edge work deserves your support. Or, to put it another way, your support for this kind of work will save lives—millions of lives.

Since the Supreme Court’s 1989 Webster decision gave states more latitude to pass laws restricting and regulating abortion, the annual number of abortions in the U.S. has fallen by 400,000. Laws passed with the help of National Right to Life account for a large share of those millions of saved lives.

The passage of Nebraska’s “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Prevention Act” is just one illustration of how active National Right to Life has already been this year. Your help has made it possible for NRLC, working in tandem with local pro-life activists, to expand our presence in local communities; to pass pro-life laws that save lives; to block pro-abortion initiatives; and to educate Americans on the value of every human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

But we have a lot more to do. We must reverse provisions in the recently passed health care bill (ObamaCare) that threaten unborn lives. Provisions that threaten to ration lifesaving medical care have to be rescinded.

Committee chairs in Congress who wish to use their power to expand access to abortion, or to even make you pay for abortions with your tax dollars, have to be exposed and their efforts blocked.

Nominees to our courts, who take a sacred pledge to defend our Constitution, have to be held to the highest standards in the confirmation process, so they can’t make a mockery of our God-given rights after they are confirmed.

And of course, National Right to Life has to continue to be a resource for that one woman or that one family that needs the information and support we provide that can mean the difference between the birth of a precious child or a human life lost to abortion. There is so much good we can accomplish, with your help!

Please consider supporting National Right to Life with extra generous support this year when we contact you for financial help. Please encourage friends and neighbors to join as well.

At the same time please tell your friends, your family, those in your church and social groups that National Right to Life is fighting on behalf of people just like you to save the unborn child’s mother from making a tragic and irrevocable decision.

In order to continue to be the unborn child’s most effective voice NRLC needs your help to grow stronger. The simple truth is that the needs continue to grow even as financial challenges increase. In these tough economic times we know that many of you are facing financial challenges, so we do not make this request for help lightly.

But we simply can’t cut back our lifesaving efforts. Too many lives depend on us just as we depend on you!

National Right to Life has been through an extraordinary period of education and advocacy. That disciplined and carefully crafted advocacy has brought us to the point that poll after poll shows America wants greater legal protection for unborn children. It is our responsibility—all of us—to continue to advance that cause until the day Roe v. Wade is overturned.

With your help, together we can accomplish what National Right to Life alone could not.