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NRL News
Page 4
February/March 2010
Volume 37
Issue 2-3

2010 Election: One for the History Books Already

By Karen Cross

Even as I write this article, another pro-abortion Democrat, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, has just announced he is leaving office at the end of the year. He is the third pro-abortion Democratic senator to retire in 2010.

But none of what has happened recently can be understood without taking a look at the extraordinary impact of the 2009 off-year gubernatorial elections.

In Virginia, Bob McDonnell (R) ran an upbeat, positive pro-life campaign and defeated Democrat Creigh Deeds, his pro-abortion opponent, handily. Pro-life Republican Chris Christie defeated hard-core pro-abortion incumbent Governor Jon Corzine (D) in the Garden State, a year after New Jersey voted heavily in favor of Barack Obama.

Then came the real shocker—the special election in Massachusetts to replace the late Senator Edward Kennedy (D). A Republican state senator, a virtual unknown, trounced Democrat Martha Coakley, the state attorney general. As many have written, Scott Brown came out of nowhere to out-campaign, out-charm, and out-wit a staunchly pro-abortion candidate who was supported, endorsed, and funded by EMILY’s List which supports only the most pro-abortion female Democratic candidates.

In more recent days, what is becoming a monumental election season is now seeing pro-abortion incumbents pulling out of what once were thought to be very safe re-election races. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) has opted out of a re-election run. Prior to that Senator Chris Dodd (D-Ct.) said he would not seek a sixth term. And, as mentioned, Sen. Bayh has announced he will not seek a third term.

Reading stories and blog posts and public opinion polling data—all this and more—suggests we are just at the beginning of more good news for the Movement. As pro-lifers we know the importance of elections, and we must stay focused, informed, and educated on our candidates.

Several incumbent pro-abortion members of the House of Representatives and the Senate are in trouble. Polls are showing them lagging behind pro-life opponents in their states. We also have competitive open seats.

If we stay the course, if we continue to work and organize to be ready, this fall will truly bring monumental change to D.C. and our nation. A monument may not be erected after this year’s mid-term elections are over, but the history books must show that we did our part.