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NRL News
Page 20
February/March 2010
Volume 37
Issue 2-3

E-Lobby for Life Provides Effective Way to Have Your Voice Heard

By Luis Zaffirini

The week following the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, many pro-life Americans were under the impression that President Obama’s pro-abortion health care “reform” was dead. But that assessment was and is plainly wrong.

To counteract this sentiment, National Right to Life launched a week-long E-Lobby for Life campaign from January 22–28. The aim was to generate high volumes of electronic messages to Congress to remind its members how adamantly opposed their constituents are to the proposed pro-abortion bill.

This campaign was a terrific opportunity for those people already acquainted with the NRLC Legislative Action Center——to spread the message to other people they knew to be pro-life but who had not contacted their representatives. The poll numbers are already out there telling Congress that American is squarely against abortion coverage in any new health care reform, but now is the time to make them act on it by letting them know that their very own constituents are prepared to act on those feelings.

It was a very successful week for the campaign, which saw an enormous turnout and a substantial increase in pro-life messages to Congress. But this is no time to relax, because there is every reason to believe that if they could only find the votes, Obama’s pro-abortion health care bill could become a reality. This is definitely one of those instances where the strongest weapon to counter a determined foe is truly the strong and unified voice of the pro-life grassroots.

This means that even if you have spoken up, you need to keep doing so. As during the E-Lobby campaign, we strongly urge you to go to where you will find frequently updated information on this ever-changing issue. It also provides an extremely easy tool to locate your representative and your two senators using only your ZIP code and to send an appropriate e-mail message expressing your strong opposition. You will find this a quick and simple means to not only have your voice be heard, but make a tremendous and lasting impact.

E-mailing Congress is one way of letting your voice be heard, but do not forget to also call your representatives even if you have already e-mailed or called before. They cannot hear the message enough. You may go to and click on the Legislative Action Center or enter your ZIP code for the correct phone numbers.

Keep the heat on, because the pro-abortion forces are truly not giving up.