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NRL News
Page 4
January 2010
Volume 37
Issue 1

Young Singer Spreads Powerful Pro-Life Message

By Liz Townsend

The music video shows a woman faced with the most important choice she will ever make: whether to give her baby life or take it away. As her baby implores, “Your choice is all I have/Your voice my only chance/Please keep me,” we see her drive up to an abortion clinic but then quickly leave, and later watch her smile with a beautiful child in her arms.

These extraordinarily moving images play over a lovely song called “Unborn” by singer/songwriter Caitlin Jane. The song’s pro-life message is powerful but positive, showing the love and peace that come when a woman chooses life.

Caitlin told NRL News that she wrote “Unborn” after a college friend faced an unplanned pregnancy. “I was moved by her decision to keep the baby,” she said. “She made a lot of sacrifices to put her child first. It inspired me and touched my heart.”

While some of her songs have taken a long time to write, “Unborn” came easily. “It was finished in a day,” she said. “I got the words at night and the next day the music came. It was a God-ordained thing.”

Caitlin’s faith plays a large part in her music. Ashes into Beauty, her six-song EP released in 2007, includes songs about “the transforming and healing touch of God on one’s life,” according to her web site. After her 2008 graduation from Messiah College in Pennsylvania, she has been working as a nanny while building her promising music career.

Pro-life groups have begun to issue invitations for Caitlin to perform at their gatherings. She has played at banquets and fundraisers for crisis pregnancy centers and adoption service agencies.

Unborn” always brings a strong reaction wherever Caitlin performs it. Whether she sings it at coffee houses, churches, or bars, it touches a chord in the audience. “The whole room will get quiet” during the song, Caitlin said. “And after every show, people come up to see me and tell their story.”

This response from all who hear the song has shown Caitlin that pro-lifers should not be nervous to speak the truth to everyone. “Although a faith-based setting may be more comfortable, I always sing it no matter what the venue,” she said. “You can’t be afraid. The Lord has given me the opportunity to share this message through the arts—through music and video—which helps people be more open to it.”

Caitlin is now producing a DVD that will include her music along with people telling their stories of adoption, raising special-needs children, abortion, and more. It will be available on Caitlin’s web sites soon.

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