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NRL News
Page 27
October 2009
Volume 36
Issue 10

Agency #10542 under Human Service Charities of America
Time Running Out to Participate in CFC to
Help NRL Educational Trust Fund

By Marie Hagan

As many of you know, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the largest annual workplace charity campaign in the world, comes around each year in the fall. What you may not know is that this provides federal employees a convenient, pain-free way to help the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund educate Americans about the threats to unborn babies and the medically vulnerable. (This opportunity is also available to some state employees and some private-sector companies as well, as shown at the end of this article.)

All across the country on military and postal offices, federal employees are already engaged in the CFC to help bolster their favorite charities. In years past many of those employees have selected the NRL Educational Trust Fund.

We are listed alphabetically under the federation called Human Service Charities of America. The Trust Fund is agency #10542.

Last year nearly $100,000 was generated for the NRL Educational Trust Fund from the CFC and state employee campaigns. In turn, a portion of those proceeds was re-directed to National Right to Life’s state affiliates, educating communities all around the country.

This fall most CFC headquarters have had their “kick-off” events which commence around the first of September (though there are some CFCs that do not kick off until October). The giving activity spans approximately two months.

During this time, all federal employees have the opportunity to look through their CFC brochures and locate the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund—agency #10542 under Human Service Charities of America. So if you are a federal employee, or know someone who is, it is likely not too late to make this life-enhancing pledge.

With the CFC funds distributed to NRLC’s state affiliates’ educational arms in nearly every state, many caring, creative, and vital pro-life projects are carried on by our grassroots leaders. Since every state works hard to educate its communities, I will just highlight a couple.

North Carolina Right to Life Educational Outreach utilized funds generated by NRL Trust Fund workplace campaigns to distribute education packs to students of all ages (free of charge), organize students for life groups on college campuses, help Teens for Life groups educate teens about life issues, commence work to help provide a voice for women and men who have been victimized by abortion, provide educational speakers from its Speakers Bureau statewide, and conduct several state and regional fairs during the year and throughout the state.

Pam Sherstad, of Right to Life of Michigan, shared that among other activities last year, RTL of Michigan used these funds to find creative ways to feature pro-life information; offer yellow page ads with a toll-free number for crisis pregnancy assistance distributed to millions of Michigan individuals; conduct a Google AdWords Internet advertising campaign; serve thousands of women facing crisis pregnancies or suffering after abortion with the help of CareNet’s OptionLine; work with 150 pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and counseling organizations; and work with 23 pro-life college and university groups, educating hundreds of thousands of people.

Pam said that her state’s educational efforts are to be “the voice, hands and feet of defenseless human beings … with the acknowledgment that human life is precious and irreplaceable.”

In addition to the CFC, state government employees can currently donate to the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund in the following states: Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

And private-sector employees can always check with their local United Way and their workplaces for “write-in” campaigns. If they participate, you simply write in the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund to have your contribution go to pro-life educational endeavors.

For further questions, contact NRL’s workplace campaigns coordinator Marie G. Hagan at Thank you for all those who have and plan on contributing to NRL through workplace campaigns!