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May 08
Vol. 35,  No. 5

Happy Mother's Day


MCCL is NRLC's Minnesota Affiliate and graciously allowed NRL News to reproduce this wonderful Mother's Day message.

Pro-Lifers Continue on the Move in State Legislatures
By Dave Andrusko

When you call Mary Spaulding Balch, you can rest assured no conversation will ever go more than five minutes without Mary ever so politely asking if she could place you on hold. And this is perfectly understandable, since this time of the year NRLC’s state legislative director is talking to states from Maine to Arizona, Alaska to Florida.

When I interviewed her in early May, I asked her to characterize how things went in the state legislatures. “A surprisingly good year,” she said. “Lots of obstacles to overcome but, all in all, we’re pretty pleased.”

Unquestionably, the single most substantive and encouraging triumph took place in Oklahoma. “Tony Lauinger, executive director of Oklahomans for Life, deserves enormous credit for turning the state in a solidly pro-life direction,” Mary told NRL News. “And he’s only just getting started.” (See story here.)

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McCain Awaits Outcome of Obama/Clinton Battle
BY Dave Andrusko

As NRL News goes to press, pro-abortion Senator Hillary Clinton has given no public signal she intends to do anything other than continue to battle pro-abortion Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, if need be right up to the party’s August convention in Denver.

The winner, whenever it is decided, will face presumptive pro-life Re-publican presidential nominee John McCain (Az.).

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and NRLC president Dr. Wanda Franz enthusiastically greet one another at the end of the White House dinner in honor of Pope Benedict XVI.

On May 6, Clinton (NY) narrowly prevailed in Indiana by a margin of 2% while Obama (Il.) carried North Carolina with a hefty 14% advantage. Although Obama added to his advantage both among pledged delegates and popular votes cast, Clinton vowed to press on.

The following day, speaking in West Virginia, Clinton talked of “a dynamic electoral environment,” adding, “What matters is what strength you have going into the general election.”

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Vol. 35, No. 5


From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

Visit of Pope Benedict XVI
By Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

The National Right to Life Committee was honored with an invitation to attend the White House ceremonies welcoming His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on the first day of his visit to the United States on April 16, 2008. As President of National Right Life Committee, I attended the welcome ceremony on the White House lawn and the White House dinner in honor of the Pope that evening.

Other members of the staff and board of the National Right to Life Committee who were at the White House lawn for the welcome ceremony included the Chairman of the Board, The Honorable Geline Williams of Virginia; Margie Montgomery of Kentucky; Co-Executive Director Darla St. Martin of NRLC; and Religious Outreach Director Ernest Ohlhoff. In addition, Barbara Holt, President of North Carolina Right to Life, and Michael Ciccocioppo, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, were also able to attend.

The weather was incredibly beautiful—sunny and cool—for the Pope’s arrival at the White House. President Bush welcomed the Pope to a trumpet fanfare from the Marine Band at the south entrance to the White House. The special ceremonies included the playing of the national anthem, a 21-gun salute, Kathleen Battle singing The Lord’s Prayer, and the Marine band and choir performing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” It was stirring and up-lifting, but also very warm, as the crowd spontaneously sang “Happy Birthday” to the Pope, in addition to the formal singing of “Happy Birthday” at the end of the ceremony, led by Kathleen Battle.

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