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JULY 2006
Vol. 33, No. 7

NRLC Honors Geline Williams
for Her Years of Service

Prior to NRLC 2006, the NRLC board honored Geline Williams. Mrs. Williams has served as chairman of the National Right to Life Committee Board of Directors for 25 years and with her husband was co-founder of the Virginia Society for Human Life, the nation's first pro-life state organization.

U.S. Senate to Vote on Key Pro-Life Issues in July

WASHINGTON (July 3, 2006)--At NRL News deadline, it appeared that the most important pro-life votes so far during the 2005–06 Congress will occur during the month of July.

On June 29, the Senate reached a unanimous agreement to consider three bills dealing with the use of human embryos and fetuses in stem cell research and other medical research.

In addition, the Senate will soon act on legislation to protect the right of parents to be involved in the abortion decisions of their minor daughters.

Your two U.S. senators need to hear from you immediately on these important issues.

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Massive Buffett Donations Will Fund Pro-Abortion Agenda around the World
BY Liz Townsend

Amidst the media's cheerleading for Warren Buffett's June 25 announcement that he will donate billions to charities was a chilling fact: this philanthropic alliance will be used to advance a pro-abortion agenda at home and around the world.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, his wife Melinda, and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett at a press conference where Buffett announced his $31 billion donation to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has given millions to Planned Parenthood.

The 75-year-old Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., and a legendary investor, will donate billions of dollars in stock annually to five charities: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and four Buffett family foundations. According to USA Today, the new "philanthropic powerhouse" will be "about five times as big as No. 2 Ford Foundation." It is also generally reckoned to be the single largest charitable gift in U.S. history.

"Buffett's gift to the Gates Foundation could result in big increases in Gates' donations to Planned Parenthood," said NRLC President Wanda Franz, Ph.D. "But the media almost totally ignored Buffett's other big gift--the three billion dollars he's donating to the Susan  Thompson Buffett Foundation, a group that's given money that supports partial-birth abortion, RU486, overseas abortions, and expanded access to abortion everywhere."

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Vol. 33, No. 7



From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

BY Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

Years ago, the movers and shakers of the elite thought that pro-lifers were hopelessly confined to the margins of the cultural and political life.  Of course, one reason they perceived pro-lifers to be at the margin was that they wanted us to be at the margin, and they couldn't imagine us to be in the center.  Besides, they did not have any acquaintances or friends who were pro-life.

This reminds me of the remark which a prominent movie critic in New York once made.  After Richard Nixon had defeated George McGovern, she expressed complete astonishment at Nixon's victory--after all, none of her friends and acquaintances had voted for Nixon.

This elitist insularity is, of course, the reason why the "mainstream media" are losing their grip on the political life of the country.  Let's admit it, we call them "mainstream" in a way to point out that they are anything but mainstream.

A primitive, but nevertheless important, reason why the mainstream political elitists don't grasp why pro-lifers lobby for the right to life, is that they cannot understand why we exert ourselves for the benefit of someone else, the unborn.  After all, we possess life already.  Normally, lobbyists seek legislation on taxes and regulations to benefit their own group directly.  But what we lobby for makes the National Right to Life Committee a very unusual player in public life.

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