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Vol. 33, No. 2

Last Ditch Pro-Abortion Filibuster Attempt Fails:
Senate Confirms Samuel Alito to Supreme Court
BY Dave Andrusko

President George W. Bush greets newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito as Mr. Bush makes his way into the House Chamber to deliver his annual State of the Union speech before a joint session of Congress.

WASHINGTON (January 31)--Brushing aside an 11th-hour filibuster attempt, the United States Senate today confirmed Judge Samuel Alito, Jr., to be the 110th Justice of the Supreme Court. The final tally was 5842 with all but four Democrats voting against Alito and all but one Republican voting for Alito, a member of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals since 1990.

The vote came less than a day after 24 Democrats joined Republicans in the Senate to turn back an attempted filibuster engineered by pro-abortion Massachusetts Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. The vote to invoke cloture (cut off debate) was 7225.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who himself was confirmed by the Senate last September, swore Justice Alito in shortly after the Senate vote.

Alito replaces Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who, on July 1, 2005, announced her intention to retire. Justice O'Connor was the first woman to serve on the nation's highest court.

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Supreme Court Returns New Hampshire Law to Lower Court
BY Dave Andrusko

When the United States Supreme Court unanimously returned New Hampshire's parental notice law back to a lower court, there were two common interpretations of its January 18 decision.

The first understanding was that the justices were in a kind of holding pattern, waiting until retiring justice Sandra Day O'Connor was replaced by Judge Samuel Alito. The second was that a High Court in transition may be less willing to throw out an entire law the instant pro-abortionists cry wolf.

To take the later consideration first, writing on Lyle Denniston observed, "Read most broadly, though, the opinion could be understood as laying down a new limit on lower court judges' authority to issue sweeping decisions that nullify new abortion laws, end to end." He added, "It quite clearly calls for a much more discrete, refined review of the ways in which a law might be enforced validly."

Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England represented the last opinion written by Justice O'Connor, a member of the High Court since 1981. At issue was a New Hampshire parental notice law passed in 2003 after a knock-down, drag-out legislative fight.

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Vol. 33, No. 1



From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

A Personal Perspective

When I was ready to begin a family in 1969, I hadn't thought much about abortion. I was working on my master's degree in developmental psychology. Therefore, I had some basic information about human development and reproduction.

I went to see the doctor because I was pretty certain that I was pregnant. In addition, I was coming down with some kind of cold; so I also wanted to know what kinds of medication I could and could not take during the pregnancy. How-ever, what happened at the doctor's office was a complete shock. He informed me that I was in the process of losing my baby.

At that moment, I felt an enormous sense of loss. I hadn't realized that I was already so attached to a baby whose presence had never really been confirmed. I was surprised that I already had an image of the child I had been carrying. He was a boy, blond with blue eyes, very intelligent and with a warm and sunny disposition. I was grieving, but not for an abstract loss. I was grieving for a very specific person--my baby--a particular creation of God's own handiwork. He had all the specific features and characteristics given him by God. God knew him. God doesn't just create embryos. He creates persons, who go through stages of development, including the earliest one, as an embryo. The amazing thing was that I knew him, too. I knew him as a person with specific traits and characteristics and I was mourning that unique person.

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