With Voices Loud and Clear

By Don Parker
Development Director


Pro-lifers responded in the most powerful way in this year's elections.

Candidates and political parties appealed to pro-lifers. National Right to Life PAC called upon us to give generously of our time and funds.

But the most persistent appeal touched something deeper - - our consciences - - and did so without uttering a word. It was the voice of the hundreds of thousands of unborn children who might live or die depending on how we voted. Their futures depended on whether we could get enough of our neighbors to join us in voting for Life.

Exit polls only affirmed what we already knew: pro-life voters were highly charged to meet this challenge. Moral values placed first in importance to voters, according to Associated Press exit polls, and at least one reputable pollster said abortion was clearly first among the moral issues in importance.

So what happens now? Where does all that energy, that sense of urgency go? Will we experience a let-down?

It would be a tragedy if the momentum that carried President Bush to a second term was allowed to dissipate, or even worse, disappear. Unfortunately, this is what happens all too often in social movements. A sense of complacency follows glorious victories, whereas stinging defeats generate panic and action.

We must not allow the pro-abortion side to be the ones who are galvanized to action because of their mounting fear that they might lose the so-called "right" to abortion. We have to keep up the enthusiasm, drive, and commitment that produced so many victories on November 2.

How can we do that? First, recognize what won it for us in the first place: activism in your community. Continue to talk about the issue to family, friends, and neighbors. If friends are pro-life, activate them by inviting them to visit NRLC's web site and contact their members of Congress about lifesaving legislation. That address is www.nrlc.org.

Join a local chapter of your state's Right to Life affiliate. If you're not sure how to get in touch with your state group, call National Right to Life (202-626-8800), or visit our web site, www.nrlc.org.

And don't forget one of the most important, but most easily overlooked ways you can keep the movement's lifesaving work going well after the elections. A donation to the National Right to Life Committee is especially meaningful now. Why? Because 2004 was a historic election. National Right to Life PAC expended everything it possibly could to inform voters about where the candidates stood on the abortion issue and urge them to vote for pro-life candidates.

NRL PAC acted in faith. Now National Right to Life is confident that our steadfast members will once again back our good works with their financial support.


National Right to Life expended everything it possibly could to inform voters about where the candidates stood on the abortion issue.


It goes without saying that this is a particularly dire time financially for National Right to Life. But it's important that any financial stress not carry over to the next session of Congress, when we have so much to do to pass new pro-life bills, ensure candidates for judgeships get a fair hearing, and block any new policies that might advance an anti-life agenda.

Now is not the time to let up! Certainly not as the real work of building a Culture of Life heats up in the coming months. Hang in there!

Please be generous with your support of our work, just as we need it the most.