By Marie Hagan


As it has for more than 20 years, in 2003 the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund was able to share thousands and thousands of dollars with its state affiliate groups, thanks to the generosity of federal, state, and private-sector employees. In many areas of the country, workplace giving campaigns for 2004 are already underway!

For federal employees, the largest of these employee campaigns is the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), created by the Office of Personnel Management. The CFC allows employees to financially assist the charity (or charities) of their choice.

The CFC campaign spans two months and takes place largely on a few hundred military bases and post offices around the country. The CFC has "kicked off" in many of those places already while others are just getting underway.

You will find the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund listed in the CFC brochure distributed by the campaign chairperson, under the federation HSCA (Human Service Charities of America), agency #2844.

The next largest workplace venue for the NRL Educational Trust Fund is state employee campaigns. NRL currently participates in 18 of them: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin as well as Washington, D.C. State employees will find the NRL Educational Trust Fund listed under HSCA's parent federation called Neighbor to Nation.

The NRL Educational Trust Fund also receives donations through a number of private-sector campaigns whose employees contribute by "writing in" the NRL Educational Trust Fund on their pledge cards.



The National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund is proud to be able to share proceeds from all of these workplace campaigns with its state affiliates. When it comes to utilizing funds for educational efforts, our state and local chapters top the charts with their endless, dedicated, and creative ways of serving their communities about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.

Some of the many ways our affiliates provide services include participating in state and county fairs with educational booths and answering questions; sponsoring speaker training events to educate others on how to convey pro-life issues in their communities; placing pro-life radio, television, and newspaper advertisements; conducting interviews in the media; offering support to women and men in crisis pregnancy situations by direct counseling and referrals to local crisis pregnancy centers; making available a lending library of pro-life books, videos, and fetal models to students, teachers, and the general public; and distributing literature and newspapers upon request.

Many of NRL's state groups are also very involved with Teens and College Students for Life programs, including the annual Oratory Contest for high school juniors and seniors, American Victims of Abortion, and Black Americans for Life.

Holly Gatling, executive director of South Carolina Citizens for Life, was very grateful to receive educational funds through workplace campaigns. She said, "CFC funds help pay for high-quality educational materials that show pregnant women a better alternative than abortion and that teach medically vulnerable people to protect themselves from the growing threat of euthanasia."

Oregon Right to Life Executive Director Gayle Atteberry stated, "CFC funds are distributed to our chapters for their use in doing educational projects in cities throughout Oregon. Many of our county fairs are made possible because of CFC funds."

To help National Right to Life continue providing educational assistance across the country, please consider giving through the Combined Federal Campaign this fall if you are a federal employee, or through a state or private-sector campaign this year. It's easy to contribute.

Thank you for all you are doing for the unborn and the medically vulnerable!

For more information, contact Marie G. Hagan at or by calling (202) 626-8812. You can also visit