By Gunter N. Franz

On a recent visit to Germany for my 50th high school reunion, we made a hike across the French-German border from Schweigen, Germany, to Wissembourg, France. Right at the border, along a country road, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirstahler, a retired German couple, offer a vacation cottage for rent. They also built a "border chapel" next to the cottage inviting hikers to stop for prayer and contemplation. In the chapel, next to the guest book, they have a stack of pro-life pamphlets. As their supply of pamphlets gets exhausted, they copy more of them at their own expense.

When one of my old classmates pointed out to them that the person who had just signed their guest book was the president of the National Right to Life Committee in the United States (my wife, Wanda Franz), they greeted us with great enthusiasm. They told us that they felt compelled to tell people the truth about abortion. We thanked them for their pro-life work, and I took their picture as a memento.

If you should travel to the southern end of the "German Wine Road" (Deutsche Weinstrasse), drive from Bergzabern to Schweigen to visit the Kirstahlers. Their address is Robert Kirstahler, Suedring 2, 76889 Schweigen/Pfalz, Germany. Stop at the chapel and pray for the end to abortion.