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February 2003

Brave Women Nationwide Say They Will Be "Silent No More"


Actress Jennifer O'Neill, praying before the United States Supreme Court Building on the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. O'Neill was one of many brave women who came forth to say, "I Regret My Abortion." O'Neill will be among the celebrities honored April 29 at the Tenth Annual Proudly Pro-Life Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria's Grand Ballroom. See the story that begins on the back cover for more details.
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Appear at NARAL Fundraiser


By Carol Tobias, NRL Political Director

All six pro-abortion Democrats attended NARAL's January 21 "celebration" of Roe v. Wade. (Left to right) Sen. John Kerry (Mass.), former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, Rep. Richard Gephardt (Mo.), Sen. Joseph Liberman (Ct.), the Rev. Al Sharpton, and Sen. John Edwards (N.C.)

On January 21, all six candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for President bowed down before the country's largest pro-abortion organization and pledged to support legal abortion on demand. They also harshly attacked pro-life President George W. Bush.

Senators John Edwards (NC), John Kerry (Mass.), and Joe Lieberman (Ct.); Congressman Dick Gephardt (Mo.); former Vermont Governor Howard Dean; and Rev. Al Sharpton of New York all appeared at a "NARAL Pro-Choice America" gala to "celebrate" 30 years of killing unborn children in this country.


In State of Union Address, Bush Calls for Bans

Bans on Partial-Birth Abortion, Human Cloning On Congressional Agenda in Months Ahead


President George W. Bush called on Congress to send him bills banning partial-birth abortion and all human cloning in his State of the Union Address.

WASHINGTON (Feb. 3, 2003)--In his January 28 State of the Union speech, President Bush set the stage for crucial battles in the U.S. Senate over two top priorities for the pro-life movement--banning partial-birth abortion and banning all human cloning.

The President called on Congress to send him both bans for his signature.

During the 107th Congress (2001-2002), the House passed both bans, and both measures are expected to pass the House again during the months ahead.

In 2001-02, Democrats held 51-49 majority control in the Senate, and their leadership killed these and other pro-life bills without a vote. Following Republican gains in the November election, Republicans hold majority control in the new Senate, 51-49. But the bills still will face stiff resistance in the Senate, where even a minority of senators can sometimes obstruct legislation.


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From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.


NARAL has repackaged itself for the third time. A NARAL press release dated January 6, 2003, announces: "America's Most Recognized Defender Of A Woman's Right To Choose Unveils Massive New Mobilization & Education Initiative. On the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, America faces an anti-choice White House, Congress, and the potential of a Supreme Court willing to roll back the right to choose. In response, the nation's most effective pro-choice organization has a new name--NARAL Pro-Choice America--and a massive nationwide mobilization initiative."

Why the name change? NARAL's polling must have shown that it is a lot easier to sell "choice" than "abortion." Being the "most recognized" and "most effective" pro-abortion lobbying group has a serious downside, don't you think? And people don't like abortion. In fact, even NARAL's president, Kate Michelman, once admitted to the Philadelphia Inquirer (12/11/1993): "We think that abortion is a bad thing. No woman wants to have one." (Attacked by fellow pro-abortionists over the remark, Ms. Michelman promptly denied having said it. But the interview had been taped, and the Inquirer stuck to its story.)

Committed pro-abortionists don't want to admit that "abortion is a bad thing," but the people at NARAL seem convinced that the word abortion is a bad thing: The two pages of the NARAL press release feature the words "choice" or "choose" 22 times but not once the word "abortion." To borrow a phrase from the poet Oscar Wilde, NARAL stands for a choice "that dare not speak its name."

It's instructive to review the evolution of the NARAL name.

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