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Bush and NRL PAC Help
Lead Pro-Lifers to Gains
in Senate and House




By Carol Tobias
NRL PAC Director


Pro-lifers have a new pro-life woman in the Senate: Elizabeth Dole (R), shown here with her husband, former Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole.

What a night! On Tuesday, November 5, pro-lifers around the country once again saw the results of their hard work. Voters loudly and clearly stated they want pro-life representation in Washington.

Of the 10 new members of the Senate, 8 are pro-life. Thanks to good candidates and extraordinary work by grassroots pro-lifers, Senate seats in Missouri, Minnesota, and Georgia held by pro-abortionists switched into pro-life hands.

Moreover, five vacant seats previously held by pro-life senators were retained by pro-life candidates. In addition, 11 pro-life senators were re-elected.

All in all the Movement did a superior job of not only fending off challenges to incumbents and retaining seats left open by retirement, but also in electing pro-lifers in seats previously held by pro-abortionists. They did this in some cases where the "experts" insisted it was close to impossible.

Pro-Life Voters Make a Difference in Crucial Senate Races

The Pro-Life Increment - 2002

By David N. O'Steen, Ph.D.
NRLC Executive Director


Pro-life Norm Coleman (R) won a big victory over pro-abortion former Vice President Walter Mondale (D). The new Senator from Minnesota is shown here with his wife and two children.

Pro-lifers knew well before November 5 that the national battle for the United States Senate was also a battle between pro-life and pro-abortion forces to determine whether pro-life or pro-abortion leadership would win Senate control. But as the nature of this political contest shaped up, it became as stark a battle over abortion as one could imagine. In each of the nine key Senate races that collectively were to determine control of the Senate, a pro-life Republican faced a pro-abortion Democrat and abortion was a major campaign issue.

The pro-life candidate won in seven of the nine contests (see story, page one). Post-election polling shows that abortion played a very major role in determining how votes were cast in these pivotal contests--with results that certainly didn't please NARAL and EMILY's List.



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From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.


Date: October 29, 2002

To: NARAL Supporter

From: Tom Daschle, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Rarely has so much been at stake for a woman's right to choose in a U.S. Senate Election.... Anti-choice forces are organizing and mobilizing right now to defeat champions of reproductive rights, champions like Missouri Senator Jean Carnahan. The U.S. Senate's pro-choice leadership cannot afford to lose an ally like Senator Carnahan. So, we must succeed in getting out the pro-choice vote in this and other key states where pro-choice leadership could be lost. Because Jean Carnahan is serving as an appointed Senator in place of her late husband, Mel Carnahan, Missouri's current governor could be forced to immediately swear-in Jim Talent, a strongly anti-choice conservative. As the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, I've stood up for a woman's right to choose, and the pro-choice leadership of the Senate has made a difference by safeguarding women's rights from the anti-choice agenda of the Bush administration. Please give to NARAL today, so NARAL can mobilize the resources to get out the pro-choice vote on Election Day.


Senator Tom Daschle

Senator Tom Daschle's e-mail fundraiser for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League makes two important points: First, the pro-abortionists knew exactly what was at stake in the election on November 5. And second, the Democratic Party furnishes "the pro-choice leadership of the Senate," with Daschle himself, as the Majority Leader, standing up for the "right to choose"--to the point of fundraising for the nation's most radical anti-life pressure group. Given the outcome of the election, one must assume that a good number of registered Democrats were repelled by the party leadership's radical pro-abortion stand.

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