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December 2001



National Right to Life Committee and Oregon RTL File Brief In Support of Ashcroft Decision on Assisted Suicide


 Attorney General John Ashcroft

By Thomas J. Marzen

The National Right to Life Committee and Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) have filed an important 32-page "friend-of-the-court" brief in support of Attorney General John Ashcroft's November 6 decision that the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) does not permit the use of federally controlled drugs to assist in suicides.

The NRLC/ORTL brief is in response to a November 20, 2001, decision by Federal District Judge Robert E. Jones to extend an initial temporary restraining order against enforcement of the Ashcroft ruling until after all the parties to the litigation are able to fully brief the judge on the issues involved.


"Who Would Want a Child Like That?" We Would!

Jean Garton's two adopted grandchildren in a photo from 1998: Carissa (right) came from Taiwan, while Claire was born in Korea. Claire miraculously survived an abortion attempt but lost her right arm from the shoulder down.

By Jean Garton

Editor's note. This first ran in our December 1998 issue and is one of the stories readers have most asked to reprint. Read it and I think you will see why. There is an update at the end of Jean's wonderful account.

Let me introduce you to two little girls affectionately called " Hot Potato Soup" and "Dessert." Their real names, of course, are far more traditional.

First, there is Carissa, now seven years old, born in Taiwan. Carissa was placed for adoption when she was diagnosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome - - a genetic disorder resulting in severe deformities of the head. Who would want a child like that!



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From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.


National Right to Life is the flagship of the pro-life movement. I think it's invaluable that they have a headquarters that is close to Capitol Hill.

--Congressman Henry Hyde

National Right to Life is really indispensable on every abortion-related issue. They are very effective at communicating to the people across America. The reason National Right to Life can go ahead with [the purchase of a headquarters building] is that they have been successful.
--Senator Rick Santorum

National Right to Life is the hub, the nerve center, of the pro- life movement. I can't tell you how many times I have handed out the letter from Doug Johnson that said that this is a scored vote--and all of a sudden this sharpens the mind on the part of Members [of Congress], and they say "this must really mean something to National, and I'm going to vote for it."

--Congressman Chris Smith

These are the comments from prominent pro-lifer leaders in Congress when they heard that the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund had decided to buy a building on 10th Street, N.W. The building is NRLC's new headquarters. The National Right to Life Committee and the NRL Political Action Committee will lease space from the NRL Educational Trust Fund; thus the lease payments will stay within the NRL corporate family and continue to be available for pro-life educational work instead of flowing into someone else's coffers.


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