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July 2001


Parents of Adopted Frozen Embryos Speak Out In Stem Cell Debate

Nine-month old twins (left to right) Luke and Mark Borden of Falbrook, California, who were adopted while they were frozen embryos.

By Dave Andrusko

While it may not seem possible at this late stage, there is one quiet dimension of the loud debate over embryonic stem cell research that has gone virtually unheard.
Proponents argue that embryos created at infertility clinics but not implanted are nothing more than "spares," mere cells which have no moral status. The only "respect" they should be extended, proponents argue, comes when their stem cells are lethally extracted and used for experimentation in search of cures for various diseases.

Marlene Strege and her 28-month-old daughter Hannah, who was the first frozen embryo adopted through the Snowflakes Human Embryo Adoption Program.


NRLC '2001 Huge Success


Convention Director Jacki Ragan holds the hand of Ann McMurray as her delighted mother Colleen McMurray looks on. Photo by Dave Andrusko

By Dave Andrusko

Well over 1,000 dedicated pro-lifers came away from NRLC 2001 universally praising the three-day gathering as one of the finest conventions ever.
"Measure it anyway you want," said convention director Jacki Ragan, "and the answer is the same: people couldn't have been happier with this year's time together."
Even before the June 28 opening session, the atmosphere was electric. Clearly, attendees came to Charlotte, North Carolina, primed to learn, to share, and to fellowship.
That special chemistry that makes a good convention great was evident the night before the convention formally convened.



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From the Associate Executive Director

Darla St. Martin

A Winning Pro-Life Strategy

Better to Save Some Lives Now than None at All, Ever

This editorial is reproduced from the National Catholic Register's "Commentary and Opinion" page. As NRL News goes to press, NRLC President Dr. Wanda Franz and her husband, Dr. Gunter Franz, are on vacation at the home of their daughter and son in law, Angela and David Franks. The Franzes raced from the NRL Convention to be present for the birth of Angela and David's first child: Caterina Maria Franks. Caterina was born July 3, 2001. She weighed six pounds, two ounces. Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents.

Pro-lifers share a common goal. We want to end abortion and build a world which respects the lives of all God's children, born and unborn.
But not all pro-lifers agree on the best strategy for achieving that goal.
The millions of Americans who have worked with National Right to Life, its state affiliates, or its community chapters during the past 28 years have saved the lives of countless unborn babies through a carefully thought out strategy of intensive education, legislation, and political action. Our strategy is sometimes called "incremental" because we have advanced toward our goal in increments, rather than waiting to pass perfect legislation.
We have seized every available opportunity to save as many lives and make the maximum progress possible each day and each year without compromising our ultimate goal.
Legislatively, we support full, legal protection for unborn children. We also support more limited legislation, which can be passed more quickly, to begin saving lives immediately.

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