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December 1999

Clinton Bows to Limits on Funding of Overseas Pro-Abortion Groups

Pro-life Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ). Tireless efforts paid off. Pro-abortion President Bill Clinton. Forced to accept restrictions.

By NRLC Federal Legislative Office

WASHINGTON (Dec. 6) For the first time in his seven years in the White House, President Clinton has been forced to accept restrictions on U.S. funding of groups that promote abortion in foreign nations.
In end-of-year budget negotiations with congressional Republican leaders, Clinton reluctantly agreed to language under which 96% of U.S. funds for population control may go only to groups that agree not to perform abortions or campaign to legalize abortion in foreign nations.


By Burke Balch, J.D., Director, Dept. of Medical Ethics

A momentous debate will likely be joined early next year when the Senate votes on whether to end a filibuster of the Pain Relief Promotion Act, which the House of Representatives passed in October by a strong bipartisan majority of 271 to 156.
The crucial issue at stake is whether federally controlled drugs will be used to kill patients. To date the use of such drugs is the only method that has been used to kill patients under Oregon's legalization of assisting suicide.

 Sen. Don Nickles (R-Ok.)  Sen. John Breaux (D-La.)

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January 22 Commemorative Issue

"2000: A New Millennium

For Life or for Death?"

Electing the new President and the new Congress, who will set the course at the beginning of the new millennium; legislative initiatives in Congress and the state legislatures; the future of the Supreme Court; the latest fronts in the war against euthanasia; how we are enlarging and energizing the grassroots; information technology and its potential to empower the pro-life movementall this and more in one edition of the "right to life newspaper of record."

After eight years of the most pro-abortion President in history,
Will the New President usher in an Era of life or death?

You won't want to miss this up-to-the-minute edition. NRL News will review all the major pro-abortion initiatives of the Clinton Administration, outline the position on abortion of all the major GOP presidential candidates, and preview what together pro-lifers can do to make 2000 a banner year for the unborn and the medically dependent.

This Crucial Edition Will Include
Such Important Stories As:

* A comparison of the Bush/Quayle Administration and the Clinton/Gore Administration.
It really does matter who occupies the White House.

* A complete documentation of the pro-abortion positions of Vice President Al Gore and former Senator Bill Bradley.

* The Supreme Court what's ahead?

* Tips for making your locality and your state more pro-life.

* A review of major pro-life congressional initiatives in 1999 and what to expect in 2000.

* Creative ways to use the web to advance the cause of unborn children.

* Why you matter most of all to the pro-life movement.


"2000: A New Millennium for Life or for Death?"


From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.


For the third time, Fortune magazine (December 6, 1999) has released its list of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, D.C. The list reflects the judgment of the movers and shakers in Washington.
In 1997, NRLC ranked among the top "Power 25" in 10th place. In 1998, we had advanced to 9th place. And now, in 1999, we are in 8th place. In fact, NRLC is the only pro-life group in the 1999 listing of the "Power 25."
In 1997, Fortune also looked at the expense of lobbying. Fortune ranked NRLC among the top three lobbying "bargains." In other words, your contributions got a very high return on the dollar. Without a question, this is still true today.
Clearly, our carefully thought out legislative campaigns and our disciplined lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill have had a strong impact. Senators and congressmen and their staff have come to respect our strategic judgment and trust us. Even the pro-abortionists in Congress learned a hard (but good) lesson: NRLC is comfortable with facts and the truth, and the pro-abortion lobby is not. They lie--even to their own supporters.

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