September 28, 1998

Pro-Lifers Working Extremely Hard As November 3 Elections Draw Near

But Foreign Aid Amendment Advances

Partial-Birth Abortion and Parental Consent Bills Killed By Pro-Abortion Minority in U.S. Senate

 Pro-life Sen.
Rick Santorum (R-Pa.)

Pro-life Sen.
Spence Abraham (R-Mi.)

By NRLC Federal Legislative Office

WASHINGTON (Sept. 25) - - For want of a handful of votes, two major NRLC-backed bills have died in the U.S. Senate.
Both bills - - the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act and the Child Custody Protection Act - - had the support of a majority of senators, but fell short of the super-majorities needed to overcome the obstacles raised by pro-abortion opponents. If pro- life voters turn out in the November 3 elections, both bills could become passable early next year.

Pro-Lifers Seek Increase In Right-To-Life Governors


Pro-life California
Attorney General Dan Lungren

Pro-life Texas Governor George Bush

By Carol Long Tobias, NRL PAC Director

The pro-life movement has an unprecedented opportunity to pick up state leaders as a number of gubernatorial elections offer a sharp contrast between pro-life and pro-abortion candidates. Thirty-six states will elect a governor November 3. Twenty-four incumbents are seeking re-election while 12 states have new faces seeking the post.

From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

How To Be A Smart Pro-Life Voter In 1998

We are living in interesting times, politically at least. Bill Clinton is in seriousand much deservedtrouble, his enablers in the White House look like dishonest fools, and the pro-abortion leaders of the Democratic Party are worried.

In other words, there is hope that things will get better in America. The country is facing not a political crisis but an opportunityprovided by the Constitution to purge itself of its first "abortion president."


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