December 10, 1998

"Who Would Want a Child Like That?"

We Would!

 Jean Garton's two adopted grandchildren: Carissa (left) came from Taiwan, while Claire was born in Korea. Claire miraculously survived an abortion but lost her right arm from the shoulder down.

By Jean Garton

Let me introduce you to two little girls affectionately called " Hot Potato Soup" and "Dessert." Their real names, of course, are far more traditional.

First, there is Carissa, now seven years old, born in Taiwan. Carissa was placed for adoption when she was diagnosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome - - a genetic disorder resulting in severe deformities of the head. Who would want a child like that!


Becoming Targets for Elimination

Jack Kevorkian, right, and Mike Wallace in the lobby of a hotel in Livonia, Michigan, where Kevorkian was interviewed for 60 Minutes. In the interview Kevorkian admitted that he gave a lethal injection to Thomas Youk.
By Mary Jane Owen

Too many of our fellow citizens seem unresponsive to repeated warnings that the sky is about to fall on many neighbors, friends, and family members with disabilities. Most members of the public simply don't know that people with disabilities have become targets for elimination.

So, unlike the children's story of Chicken Little, when we warn " The sky is falling," we have a long series of abuses we know of which confirm what we say. Yet often the response to our admonitions is disinterest. In today's quality-of-life world this can prove lethal.


From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.


The more this society values the material means for living, the less it seems to value life itself - - especially life that is inconvenient and imperfect. A woman's so-called "right to choose" is protected by the state, the right to life is not. In short, "lifestyle" has triumphed over life as such. Yet, the triumphant monster of "choice" is not satisfied with the sacrifice of millions of unborn children on its altar. The agents of "choice" are exploring new ways to satisfy the monster, the next logical step.

The next logical step is, of course, "doing something" about the physically imperfect children who escaped the abortionist, about the disabled who ask for "futile" health care, about the old and infirm who cling to life and use up "resources."

The logic is quite powerful. If tearing apart an unborn healthy child is a permissible "choice," then why shouldn't a baby with Down syndrome be "allowed" to die from neglect? It's the humane thing to do, you know. If funds for health care are limited, then why waste precious resources on the elderly or the disabled? They have a "poor quality of life" anyway. They would be better off dead.


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