November 17, 1998

Livingston Succeeds Gingrich As Speaker of the House


 WASHINGTON (Nov. 17) - - U.S. House Republicans have elected pro-life Congressman Bob Livingston (La.) to succeed pro-life Congressman Newt Gingrich (Ga.) as Speaker of the House. Gingrich will retire from Congress in January.

Pro-Lifers Maintain Majority
in Congress

 Newly elected Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) won 50%-49%

Representative elect Mark Green (R-Wi.) defeated pro-abortion incumbent

By Carol Long Tobias, NRL PAC Director

The November 3 elections were a mixed blessing for the pro-life movement. We held our own in the U.S. Senate but lost a handful of votes in the House. Not widely known is that because you worked so hard (see story, back cover), the movement also picked up a gubernatorial seat.

Polls Show Continuing
Pro-Life Advantage


Illinois Senator elect Peter Fitzgerald (R) celebrates with his wife, Nina. Fitzgerald defeated pro-abortion Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun (D).

By David N. O'Steen, Ph.D., NRLC Executive Director

Despite some disappointments in the recent elections, post-election polling and exit poll data show that pro-life voters and the National Right to Life PAC made a significant difference in the 1998 elections on behalf of pro-life candidates. As in previous elections, the majority of those persons who voted on the basis of the abortion issue voted for pro-life candidates. Contrary to what is usually reported in the media, the abortion issue helped, rather than harmed, pro-life Republican candidates. In both Houses of Congress voters re-elected Republican majorities and pro-life majorities on most current pro-life issues before Congress.

Early Preference Poll Show Bush Versus Gore


From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.


(Other reports in this issue of NRL News [pp. 1 &10] give you a rundown on the election results. My comments here won't deal with the specifics covered in these reports.)

As in previous elections, voters who considered abortion an overriding issue favored pro-life candidates on November 3. This "pro-life advantage" again made the difference in close races. But here is an important point to consider.

While the polls (at least those looking at the specifics of the issue) continue to show that a majority of Americans rejects abortion on demand-that same majority is not yet translating this position into consistent votes for pro-life candidates. That is why the "pro-life advantage" is most clearly visible in close races, where the candidates-except for the position on abortion-are evenly matched.

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