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NRLC-Backed Bill to Protect Pain-Capable
Unborn Children In Sixth Month and Later
Passes U.S. House of Representatives, 228-196

June 18, 2013



Obama White House Issues Veto Threat
on Pain-Capable Unborn Child Bill!

June 17, 2013

Mounting Opposition to IPAB from vulnerable Democrats    Hot words but little evidence behind pro-abortion criticisms of Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act    President Obama’s Approval Numbers tumble to 42%     Check out all the stories at NRL News Today...

Unborn Victims of Violence

Unborn Victims of Violence (fetal homicide)

One Victim, or Two?
This is a photo of Tracy Marciniak Seavers, holding the body of her son Zachariah.  The photo was taken at Zachariah's funeral. Tracy was seriously injured, and Zachariah was killed, by an assault during the ninth month of the pregnancy.  Do you think this photograph shows one victim, or two?

Current summary of the 37 state unborn victim (fetal homicide) laws

Florida man faces federal murder rap in death of unborn child under NRLC-backed law -- May 17, 2013

To read true-life accounts of two-victim crimes, click here.

Why fetal homicide laws matter: "Remember Their Names," by NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson.

The Obama Presidential Record on One Page!
Download and Distribute to Your Pro-Life Friends!

Mainstream news media again subjects Republican pro-life positions to hyper-scrutiny and extrapolation, while ignoring President Obama's positions on current legislation on late abortions and abortion for sex selection
August 20, 2012

154 House members vote for abortion-until-birth in nation's capital
July 31, 2012

Obama and 168 House Members
Defend Sex-Selection Abortion!

Read NRLC response to Obama statement here.
For more information on sex-selection abortion, click here.

HHS issues new rule on ObamaCare scheme to fund abortion insurance
March 14, 2012

Health Care in the U.S.: Are we getting more for our money?

Q&A with Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D.
Ignore Misleading Figures,
Planned Parenthood Is “Big Abortion”

NRLC Testimony for the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358)
February 9, 2011

Sworn Affidavit on Multiple Abortion Subsidies
in the Obama Health Care Law

October 28, 2010
Click here to download supporting documents.

Infinite Possibilities
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Partial-Birth Abortion

Click on the illustration above to see a series of medically accurate illustrations of a typical partial-birth abortion as performed at 24 weeks (5-1/2 months).

The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act:
Misconceptions and Realities

"Partial-Birth Abortion on Trial,"
by Cathy Cleaver Ruse, Esq.

Graphic testimony: Abortionists describe under oath their late abortion methods.

To see the best collection of resources on the internet on partial-birth abortion, click here.

To send free e-mails to your congressional representatives on key pro-life issues, enter your home zip code in the box above.  To see up-to-date information on key legislation in Congress and to learn what legislation specific lawmakers have supported, click here.

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