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Extensive RU486 Research 
--  November, 2001

Approval and Lingering Issues 
-- May, 2001

Unresolved Issues Surrounding RU486 -- February, 2001

Proposed Bill Would Reinstate Safeguards for Women Taking RU486 -- February 6, 2001

Actual Text of Proposed Bill That Would Reinstate Safeguards for Women Taking RU486
-- February 6, 2001

Abortion Drug Will Be Imported from Chinese Government Factory That Plays Key Role in Population-Control Program
-- October 12, 2000

NRLC Statement on F.D.A. Approval of the Abortion Pill
-- Sept. 28, 2000

Fact Sheet:  RU486 Risks and Dangers -- requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

NRLC Memo to Journalists:  Issues Surrounding Imminent FDA Action on the Abortion Pill, RU486
-- September 24, 2000

RU486 Approval Imminent? by Randall K. O'Bannon, Ph.D. 
-- September, 2000

Searle Warns Against Use of Cytotec in Abortions
- September, 2000

What regulations has the FDA been considering for RU486's release?
-- June, 2000






It isn't a contraceptive. Used at 5 to 7 weeks, RU 486 kills an unborn baby whose heart has already begun to beat. This is the only purpose for which the sponsor ever sought U.S. government approval.

It isn't safe or easy.
Heavy bleeding, nausea, vomiting, and painful uterine contractions are common features of a process TIME magazine calls "A painful, messy, and protracted." About 2% hemorrhage and more than 1 in a 100 require hospitalization. An Iowa woman took RU486 and lost nearly 3/4 of her blood and likely would have died without emergency surgery.

It isn't simple or convenient.
At a minimum, the RU486 procedure involves two drugs and three trips to the doctor's office over a two week period. For
 4-5% of women, the pills don't work, making them return for surgical abortions.

It won't make abortion rare.
The pill's promoters have reason to believe RU486 will help them increase the number of doctors willing to perform abortions. Since there has always been a corrolary between the number of abortions and the number of abortionists, RU 486 is likely to increase the number of abortions in the U.S. beyond the already appalling 1.3 million a year.



RU 486 is a chemical compound that, taken in pill form, can induce abortion in women up to nine weeks pregnant.

RU486:   Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is RU486?

How does RU486 work?

Is this the "morning after" pill?

How has the baby developed by the time RU-486 is used

How long does it take and how many steps?

Is RU486 really "safe" and "effective?"

Are chemical abortions safer than surgical abortions?

What about psychological after effects?

How has the drug been received?

Why does the pro-abortion crowd want the abortion pill?

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