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Stories from 2015 NRL Academy

Equipping Young Leaders for the Future: The National Right to Life Academy

National Right to Life Academy is currently accepting applications for its 2015 program, golden opportunity for young pro-lifers


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Innovative Program Trains Young Pro-Life Activists to be Future Leaders, in Lifenews -- February 7, 2014



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Academic credit now available to National Right to Life Academy Students


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A total immersion for the pro-life cause: the National Right to Life Academy

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Dallas Morning News: Students at Grapevine convention look for tips to fight back against abortion

Building a Bridge to a Pro-Life Future - January 11, 2013


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“We have been recruited for the duration”

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Texas Right to Life Scholarship recipient Sarah Ryan reflects on her time at National Right to Life Academy

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We're all just grown-up embryos

NRL Students: In It For The Long Haul


“The art of persuading those indifferent or hostile to the pro-life message is but one of the tactics Academy students are refining during six weeks of rigorous, day-long classroom lectures, independent study, and debate simulation at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC).” - National Catholic Register, August 2007


“The students were also schooled in how to deal with the press and how best to appeal to potential audience members. Vanessa Faith-Daubman, a 19-year-old- nursing major from the University of Pennsylvania and acting president of the campus group Penn for Life, explains that they were taught not to use the term ‘pro-choice’ to describe people who support abortion rights but to use ‘pro-abortion’ instead. ‘Simplifying the phrasing of words brings back the emotional impact,’ said Daubman.” - Politico, September 2007


“In practicum the students are challenged to break down and then synthesize the information they have been absorbing, so that they can then articulate for themselves the arguments in defense of life. The practicum session is sort of like a daily exam, but it is also a lively time that interjects some levity and fun into the classroom.” - NRL News, August 2007