Rose’s First Photo Album

With this 10-page laminated series of posters, join baby Rose as she narrates through images of her life from its beginning at conception until the age of two!


The album beautifully depicts the continuity of human life and through the experience of Baby Rose before and after her birth. All of the posters in the set feature amazing full-color photos and simple yet engaging words from Rose’s perspective. Abortion is not mentioned; the posters are positive and appropriate for all ages and audiences


The full set of 10 posters is available at a bargain price — just $10 for the set (including shipping)! All posters are laminated for durability, and they are offered in four different sizing options:


web-album-pages-300x233Poster Size [11" x 17"]

Standard Size [9" x 12"]

Picture Size [5" x 7"]

Travel Size [2" x 3", comes bound with keyring]



web-baby-imageThis a set of 10 different educational posters; the first is an attractive photo collage, and the 2nd-10th posters show Baby Rose’s development from her tiniest moments after conception (shown on poster #2) all the way through her development in the womb (posters #3-#8), then her life as a newborn (poster #9), and finally as a toddler (poster #10).


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