NRL News April/May 2011 – Volume 39, Issue 4-5

The Pro-Life Newspaper of Record - First published November 1973

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Carol Tobias, Publisher | Dave Andrusko, Editor | Regina Huber, Assistant

[email protected] | (202) 626-8828


April/May 2011 - Volume 38, Issue 4-5

Pro-Life Forces Make Some Gains, But Obama and Senate Democrats Protect Funding for Planned Parenthood


Carol Tobias is New National Right to Life President


Thank You, Dr. Wanda Franz

Editorial: Why It Is Important to You That National Right to Life Is the “Flagship of the Pro-Life Movement”


Editorial: Why Pro-Abortionists Aren’t Challenging the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in Court


From the President: Do You Know Your National Right to Life?


Pro-Lifers Aggressively Passing Bills in State Legislatures


"Amidst This Culture of Death, Our Elected Officials in Oklahoma Have Been Building a Culture of Life


"The Story Behind the Story of Baby Joseph


Be Sure to Purchase "Rose's First Photo Album" Educational Poster Set


Even Critics of ObamaCare's Independent Payment Advisory Board Miss Its Worst Rationing


Some "Conscience" Laws Authorize Involuntary Euthanasia


Ignore Misleading Figures, Planned Parenthood Is "Big Abortion"


Planned Parenthood: More Funding, More Abortion


What Are You Doing after the convention?


International Protect Life Award for the People of Chile Presented to Chilean President Sebastian Pinera


Premio Internacional de Proteccion a la Vida Presentado al Presidente Chileno Sebastian Pinera


Playing Musical Chairs with Nevada's Open Seat


Guilty Plea in Attempted Forced Abortion Case


The Family Tree That Almost Didn't Grow


Planned Parenthood Settles Case Alleging Informed Consent Violation


Train Up a Child: The Most Effective Way to Win in the Fight for Life


"Autos for Life": A Ford Comes Full Circle


Proud to Be Targeted by Planned Parenthood, Proud to Be Pro-Life


National Right to Life Embraces Social Media