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May 2009
Vol. 36,  No. 5

Professor Mary Ann Glendon to Be Honored at Proudly Pro-Life Awards Dinner

NRLC 2009:
The Next Phase of the “Stop the Abortion Agenda” Campaign
By Dave Andrusko

When I sat down with Jacki Ragan, my first question to the woman who wears many hats for NRLC was about how to gauge the amount of grassroots pro-life opposition to the policies of Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion President in the 36 years since Roe v. Wade launched the all-out war on unborn children. But Jacki, wearing her convention director’s hat, politely insisted I first remind our 360,000+ readers of a simple, but pivotal truth.

“The next phase of the ‘Stop the Abortion Agenda’ campaign will be unveiled June 18–20 in Charlotte, North Carolina,” Jacki said. “Trust me, if you want to be trained in the quickest, most thoughtful manner possible to help erect a roadblock to the abortion agenda, the Blake Hotel is the place to be.” (See the ad on pages 14–15, and stories on pages 13 and 17.)

At the point Jacki put on her director of state organization and development hat to answer my initial inquiry. “Our grassroots people are on fire,” she told me. What is the evidence to back that up?

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Prof. Mary Ann Glendon to Be Honored at
Proudly Pro-Life Awards Dinner
By Dave Andrusko

Circle this on your calendar. Prof. Mary Ann Glendon, a staunch defender of unborn babies and insightful critic of pro-abortion feminism, will be honored October 6 by the NRL Educational Trust Fund with the 16th Proudly Pro-Life Award.

Prof. Glendon is Learned Hand Professor of Law at Harvard University. She teaches and writes on international human rights, comparative law, and constitutional law issues. From 2007 to 2009 she served as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See. Prof. Glendon is the author of several important books, including Abortion and Divorce in Western Law, and many articles for scholarly and popular journals.

In extending the invitation, which Prof. Glendon graciously accepted, NRLC President Dr. Wanda Franz wrote, “Your continued service to the Right to Life Movement over the years has made a substantial impact on this nation in the defense of life.” Dr. Franz added, “By your recent public actions, you have shown again that you stand unflinchingly pro-life.”

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Vol. 36, No. 5


From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

By Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

In April, the National Right to Life Board meeting was held in Washington, D.C. It was the election meeting which we have every two years in the spring. The Board granted me the honor of being elected for the 10th time as president of the National Right to Life Committee.

When I think about what this means, I am filled with awe and humility at the opportunities I have had to serve the pro-life movement. With this election I embark on my 19th year as president of NRLC. This year also marks 30 years of service as the Board representative from NRLC’s West Virginia affiliate. (NRLC is the only pro-life grassroots organization that elects its officers in this manner.)

All these years sound like such a long time; but time has gone quickly. Quickly, because being in the pro-life movement is simply a part of my life. I can’t imagine not being part of the movement. It would be incomprehensible to be on the outside, looking in, without serious engagement in the most important moral issue of our day.

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