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October 2007
Vol. 34, No. 10

Mary Schindler and NRLC President Dr. Wanda Franz hold the Proudly Pro-Life Award given to the Schindler family by the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund. (left to right) Terri’s brother Bobby Schindler, niece Alex Vitadamo, sister Suzanne Schindler Vitadamo, Dr. Franz, mother Mary Schindler, and father Robert Schindler.

NRL Educational Trust Fund Honors Courageous Schindler Family
By Dave Andrusko

WASHINGTON—On October 2, the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund was privileged to pay tribute to the remarkable family of Terri Schindler Schiavo. Receiving the 14th annual Proudly Pro-Life Award were Robert and Mary, Terri Schindler Schiavo’s parents; Terri’s sister, Suzanne and her daughter, Alex; and Terri’s brother, Bobby.

As Congressman Chris Smith explained in his remarks, “In this city where selfishness and ego are without parallel, the Schindlers give new meaning to words like compassion, love, loyalty, integrity, courage, selflessness, sacrifice, and the way they’ve sought to help other disabled persons through their Foundation, public service.” (See story, page one.)

Responding to thunderous applause from an appreciate audience at the Willard InterContinental Hotel, the Schindlers were simultaneously thankful, gracious, and courageous.

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“This is a Movement of Good Samaritans”

Editor's note. The following are excerpts from Cong. Chris Smith's speech to the 14th annual Proudly Pro-Life Awards Dinner October 2. Cong. Smith is co-chairman of the House Pro-Life Caucus.

Let me begin by expressing my deepest appreciation and respect for the National Right to Life Committee for your extraordinary defense of human life, especially the most vulnerable among us--unborn children, the disabled and frail elderly.

The highly respected leaders of NRLC including: Dr. Wanda Franz, Dr. David O'Steen, Darla St. Martin, Doug Johnson, Jeanne Head, Jackie Ragan, Burke Balch, Olivia Gans, Karen Cross, Dr. Randall K. O'Bannon, Ernie Ohlhoff and Dave Andrusko, a great writer, are among the wisest, most compassionate and most persistent people I know.
No matter how many body blows they and the pro-life movement take, they simply never quit. Never.

They combine the enthusiasm of a recent convert with the disciplined tactics of an accomplished, battle tested general. They are, one and all, marathoners, in it for the long haul. And thank God for that.

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Vol. 34, No. 10


From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

BY Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

A look at past elections reminds us that the “pro-life increment” makes a decisive difference in close contests, that many people “vote their pocket book,” and that some people think too much about “making a statement” instead of thinking about the long term and “making a difference.”

To take the last point first, the lessons from the past when supposedly “principled” (but actually foolish) behavior at election time seriously harmed the right-to-life cause were reviewed in my April 2007 column (“When Common Sense is Lacking”) You might want to look at it again here.

At present, there is only one thing to add:  When some people think that neither of the two major parties offers us an ideal candidate with a good chance to win the election, they are tempted by visions of a third-party choice.  Don’t fall for this temptation!  Going this route virtually guarantees that the right-to-life cause loses out in the general election.

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