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MARCH 2006
Vol. 33, No. 3

Henry Hyde to Be Honored
with Lifetime Achievement Award

National Right to Life will celebrate the 13th annual Proudly Pro-Life Awards Dinner by honoring retiring pro-life champion Congressman Henry Hyde April 25 at the Willard Inter-Continental Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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Supreme Court Agrees to Review Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act

Six years after the Supreme Court overturned Nebraska's ban on partial-birth abortions, a newly reconstituted High Court will hear arguments on a lower court ruling that blocked enforcement of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. The justices' February 21 decision came on the Court's first official day of business after Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., replaced Sandra Day O'Connor.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Jr. (left), with his family, shakes hands with Chief Justice John Roberts at a ceremonial swearing in of Justice Alito at the White House.

The justices will hear Gonzales v. Carhart in their next term, which begins in October.

When President Bush signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act into law, he said, "In passing this legislation, members of the House and Senate made a studied decision based upon compelling evidence. The best case against partial birth abortion is a simple description of what happens and to whom it happens. It involves the partial delivery of a live boy or girl, and a sudden, violent end of that life."

The President added, "Our nation owes its children a different and better welcome. The bill I am about to sign protecting innocent new life from this practice reflects the compassion and humanity of America."

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Black Women Speak Loudly against Abortion
By Lara Bode

In a powerful display of diversity with unity, a coalition of more than 20 African-American women assembled at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., February 2 to say "no more" to abortion and to "Stand for Life!"

(Left to right) Black Americans for Life President Day Gardner, Janice Hollis, and Jeanine Washington.

Sponsored by Black Americans for Life, these Black women, many of whom are post-abortive, gathered to candidly declare the truth that abortion kills children and hurts women.

There were two backdrops to this historic gathering. First, February is Black History Month. Second, "Since 1973, more than 14 million of our Black children have died this way, while most of us said nothing," said Day Gardner, president of Black Americans for Life.

Ms. Gardner minced no words. "The knives of abortionists have slaughtered more than 14 million Black babies," she said. "Beautiful, perfectly formed babies have been scraped out of their mother's womb in pieces, or jammed in the back of their heads with scissors to have their brains sucked out so that a dead baby can be delivered."

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Vol. 33, No. 3



From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

BY Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

The pro-abortionists have had decades to make their case scientifically, morally, philosophically, and constitutionally. They have failed on all accounts.

The persistent failure of the pro-abortionists to make convincing arguments has been overshadowed by the fact that since 1973 we have had the most permissive abortion law among Western societies--Court-made law that has been imposed on the nation by unelected justices in the decisions of Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, Planned Parenthood of S.E. Pennsylvania v. Casey, and Stenberg v. Carhart.

Since 1973, science has in ever more detail revealed the humanity of the unborn child: Ultrasound images of unborn babies have become routine, and our genetic uniqueness is clearer than ever.

Morally, our nation is heading down the "slippery slope" invoked by pro-lifers in 1973: Infanticide, child abuse, and the killing of the disabled are becoming more prevalent. Add to that the physical and emotional hurt that abortion has placed on the aborting mothers.

Philosophically, the typical "pro-choicer" is stuck with primitive arguments: The unborn child is an "aggressor," so the mother can kill him. Or he is not a person because he lacks the ability to think rationally, perceive or express conscious emotions, or interact meaningfully, i.e., he supposedly is not a sentient human being--a definition that would make a non-person out of a young child, a sleeping adult, an anesthetized patient, or certain disabled persons. No wonder that, perversely, some think a healthy pig is "worth" more than an ill newborn child.

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