A Statement by the NATIONAL PRO-LIFE RELIGIOUS COUNCIL on the Urgent Necessity of Participation in Our National Elections

Editor's note. The National Pro-Life Religious Council is a coalition of groups working within various Christian faith communities to foster respect for innocent human life

he Christian people acknowledge that their "citizenship is in heaven" (Phil. 3:20). This fact, rather than making them less concerned about what happens in this world, is to make them all the more concerned with shaping a society of justice and peace, a society in harmony with the laws of God.

The Church does not establish the policies of the nation. The Church, however, does bear witness to the truths of God, with which those policies must conform. The Church does not set up the voting booths. Yet Christians, when they enter the voting booths, do not cease to be members of the Church.

The National Pro-Life Religious Council, therefore, urges all believers to exercise their right and duty to vote in the upcoming national elections. Our identity as followers of Jesus Christ is not to be lived simply in the privacy of our hearts, homes, and Churches. We are called to live the Gospel vigorously and publicly, and to choose leaders who promote justice and morality.

Given the fact that no threat to human life in our society claims more victims than abortion, and given the fact that no other rights can be enjoyed unless one is born, we urge voters to give priority consideration to the fundamental right to life as the keystone for all the other good they hope to bring about as a result of their vote.

May God bless America with a new Culture of Life.

Member organizations of the National Pro-Life Religious Council are:
Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Lutherans for Life
National Clergy Council
National Organization of Episcopalians for Life
Presbyterians Pro-Life
Priests for Life
Religious Outreach, National Right to Life Committee
Task Force of United Methodists on Abortion and Sexuality
United Friends for Life

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