March 15, 1999

Supreme Court Justice
Harry Blackmun: RIP

 Former Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, shown here announcing his retirement in 1994 at a joint press conference with President Bill Clinton.


Six Ways To Defeat Pro-Life Candidates

By Carol Long Tobias, NRL PAC Director

In every major election since 1980, pro-life candidates have had the advantage when it comes to voters and the abortion issue. Consistently, of those voters who select their candidate based on his or her abortion position, more will vote for the pro-life candidate than the pro-abortion candidate. These votes will come from men and women, Republicans and Democrats - - all segments of society.

Three More Hats In The Ring

 Pro-life Texas Gov. George W. Bush Former Tennessee Gov. Lamar Alexander  Pro-life Commentator
Pat Buchanan

By Carol Long Tobias, NRL PAC Director

Three more candidates aspire to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States as Texas Governor George W. Bush, former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander, and news commentator Pat Buchanan have announced their candidacies or exploratory committees.

How To Judge A Pro-life Presidential Candidate

What Did Bush Really Say?


From the President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

The Tragedy of Justice Harry Blackmun

* In a 1983 interview with the Associated Press on the eve of his most famous decision's 10-year anniversary, Blackmun repeated the phrase "author of the abortion decision" slowly and softly. "We all pick up tabs," he said. "I'll carry this one to my grave."
-AP wire story about the death of Justice Harry Blackmun, 3/4/99

* People forget that it was a seven to two decision. They always typify it as a Blackmun opinion. But I think [Roe v. Wade] was right in 1973, and I think it was right today.
-Justice Blackmun announcing his retirement, 4/6/94

* For the remainder of his career, Justice Blackmun regarded Roe v. Wade with pride and a fierce attachment. "If it goes down the drain," he told a group of law students in 1986, "I'd still regard Roe v. Wade as a landmark in the progress of the emancipation of women."
-Reporter Linda Greenhouse in the New York Times, 3/5/99


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